Summer is here! Your little darlings will be in your charge while school’s out and if there’s one thing kids love during summer, it’s snacks. 

Here are 10 easy and healthy summer-y snacks for kids that’ll keep them happy and healthy between meals. And they’re easy to make! So, let’s get down to the serious business of summer snacks your kids will flip for, including some organic snacks for kids.

Cream Cheesy Strawberry Crunch

Kids won’t eat fruit? They’ll eat this. Ripe strawberries, cream cheese, and Graham crackers are all you need to make these super-easy, 5-minute kid-pleasers. Just spread the cream cheese on the graham crackers and cover them with strawberry slices. It’s also an easy-to-assemble snack you can carry along on summer outings! 

Vegetables and Dip in a Cup

Vegetables – the final frontier. Let’s put that one to bed with this crowd-pleasing snack. Prepare it ahead of time to keep in the fridge for sudden snack attacks. Cut up an assortment of vegetables like cucumber, carrot, and celery, and set aside a basket of cherry tomatoes to add when served. Now, make the delicious dip!


  • Plain Greek yogurt – 1 cup
  • Milk – ¼ cup
  • Garlic powder, onion powder, dried parsley, dried chives – ½ teaspoon each
  • Dried dill – ¼ teaspoon
  • Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – ½ teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper – ⅛ teaspoon

Mix the ingredients together and let your dip mixture stand in the fridge for several hours to allow flavors to blend. Pour into a small bowl or cup, arranging the vegetables around its rim.

Quickie Kebabs

Does your kid love Disneyland’s Jungle Skewers? Show me a kid that doesn’t like food on a stick! Make your own, as you can’t miss this one. Stack cubes of cheese, cherry tomatoes, folded lettuce leaves, and chunks of free-range chicken breast. Whatever your kids love, put it on the stick and let them have at it. Do the same with a variety of fruit! But mind the very little kids and push their fruit off the stick for safety.

Protein Bombs

It’s summer, and they’re running around, burning up all that youthful energy. Give them the healthy fuel they need with these protein bombs. Boil eggs and fry some bacon. When everything’s cooled, cut the eggs in half, creating two “hamburger buns”. Then lay on the bacon and a slice of cheese. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and chopped fresh herbs. BAM! 

Fruity Tooty Popsicles

“I don’t like popsicles!” said no kid, ever. So, you know you’re going to need some this summer. Instead of buying the ready-made kind, make your own, using fresh fruit like sliced kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, and grapes. Fill your popsicle molds halfway with the fruit (cut small so as not to become choking hazards for younger children), then top them off with organic apple juice. Freeze overnight and serve. They’ll be back for more!

Peanut Butter-Apple Toast

Peanut butter and apples are a natural pairing that kids can’t resist. So, toast some whole-wheat bread, then spread it with organic peanut butter. Place sliced apples over the peanut butter and sprinkle with a touch of cinnamon. For extra “yum”, drizzle a little organic local honey on top! For younger snackers, my feeding tip is to cut the toast in quarters, downsizing to proportions manageable for pudgy little hands.

Donuts of Deception

Trick your little ones into believing they’re eating something “naughty”. Core the kids’ favorite variety of apples, then slice them into ¼ to ½ inch- thick rounds. Next, spread and sprinkle whatever you think your kids will go mad for on top! Slather on the crunchies or smooth spread (nut butter, cream cheese, etc.), then sprinkle on your topping of choice. I like the fun of sprinkles but if that’s not healthy enough for you, try chopped dried fruit, shredded coconut, a drizzle of organic, local honey, or sliced almonds. Or put the toppings out and let the kids create their own donuts of deception!

Cool ‘Cado-Egg Cottage Cheese Bowl

Don’t be afraid of full-fat cottage cheese. Fat is not “bad”. Fat is a necessary part of a child’s diet, and supports brain development. And the cottage cheese’s calcium content provides excellent support for growing bones. Fill a small bowl halfway with cottage cheese, then top with sliced boiled egg and avocado (super-healthy fat). For added color, add tomato slices and a sprig of cilantro. If your kids love cilantro, slice some and stir it into the cottage cheese before adding the toppings. Sprinkle with fresh, chopped herbs. Done!

Banana Boat Madness

The littles will beg for this snack regularly! Just cut the bananas in half, slice them down the middle, then spread them with peanut butter. As with donuts of deception, either top them yourself or let the kids loose on toppings like blueberries, shredded coconut, or mini chocolate chips (if you’re feeling “naughty!”)

Sometimes a Treat Is in Order

I believe in treats as part of a child’s well-balanced diet. When they’re put in perspective as what they are – not daily snack fare –  they’re more richly enjoyed as being “special”. Kids need to learn that treats are entirely in order but set aside as occasional indulgences. And you won’t find a tastier indulgence than these traditional cinnamon rolls with a twist

I hope these 10 snack ideas will fortify your summer snacking arsenal, keeping your little ones well-fed, healthy, and strong!


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