35 things for your Tween’s Easter Basket


I love assembling Easter baskets. It’s been a family tradition since the girls were babies. Holiday traditions naturally evolve as the years pass. My girls are teens now, and this is the third Easter that we’ve had non-bunny-believers, a fact that I’ve managed to completely ignore for the last two Easters.  

Recently my girls and I were in Target. While they looked at clothes, I hit the Easter candy aisles. We had sort of an unspoken agreement at checkout. They wandered off to Starbucks knowing that the Easter candy was in the basket, and I didn’t sweat over the fact that they got a sneak peek of Sunday’s chocolate bunnies.

There will still be some surprises in their baskets – from the Target makeup aisle and a gift card to each of their favorite stores. 

I loved that my mom continued the Easter basket tradition well after I was grown. My basket always had a solid chocolate bunny, gold brick eggs, and a gift. We, too, had an unspoken agreement of sorts. I remember one year when my Easter basket contained both candy and a new blazer for work.

We also tossed an egg-dying kit into our Target cart. You are never too old to dye eggs! 

Here’s some suggestions of what to put in your tween’s Easter basket!

  1. Phone accessories
  2. New headphones
  3. Gift cards to their favorite store
  4. Movie tickets
  5. iTunes gift card
  6. Hair accessories
  7. Jewelry
  8. Purse
  9. Nail polish
  10. Lip gloss
  11. Chapstick
  12. Lotion
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Beach towel
  15. Perfume or cologne
  16. Toothbrush
  17. Water bottle
  18. Favorite drink or soda
  19. Flip flops
  20. Socks
  21. Sketch pad
  22. Journal
  23. Gel pens
  24. Smelly pens
  25. Sharpies
  26. Cool stationary
  27. Book
  28. Magazine
  29. Poster of their favorite actor/band
  30. Baseball
  31. Hat
  32. Video game
  33. Mini golf passes
  34. Post-It Notes
  35. Favorite chocolates (and maybe, just maybe… an Easter Bunny, for old times’ sake!)




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