I remember about a year ago talking with a friend about Black issues, and I remember using the phrase, “I don’t see color.” The heart behind my comment wasn’t that I ignore a person’s skin color, but that their skin color didn’t determine the way I viewed them as a person.

I honestly thought that was the right phrase to say. I thought it communicated an openness and non judgement.

I was wrong, and I apologize to any of my Black friends who I have heard me say that phrase. I see your color, and you matter.

It leads me to believe that I may have said other offensive words or phrases out of ignorance. In a sermon last week, we were encouraged to not just apologize, but repent. To repent is to change your direction 180.

I admit I don’t know all that involves in light of showing support to my Black friends, but choosing to speak up today is my first step.

🖤 Black lives matter 🖤

Kristi Corley,
Orlando Mom Collective Owner


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