4 Surprising Life Moments That Require Therapy, Coaching or Counseling



Many people think counseling and therapy are things we only need when something really big and really bad happens, but that’s a misconception. Therapy and counseling are tools that can be incredibly helpful in so many moments of our lives, even if they don’t seem that serious. 

In life, there are moments we need to navigate and move through that we can’t handle alone. We often need the support of someone who can look at something from the outside and help us make the right decisions for ourselves. This is why we need tools like therapy, counseling and coaching. 

There are so many resources available both online and in-person that can be helpful. You don’t have to feel like a certain issue or problem you’re facing is too small for you to get some help and talk to a professional. Here are some moments in life where counseling might be necessary and beneficial. 

Big Financial Decisions 

Money is a big part of our lives whether we like it or not, and part of money is making big decisions with it. It’s not always easy to know what to do with our money, how to protect it and how to spend it wisely. 

The truth is financial literacy and personal finance are areas that lack a lot of education and clarity, and as a result, people make regrettable decisions with their money. 

This is why we need counseling and guidance around money. There are so many counselors and coaches that can step in and help you navigate big financial decisions, which include;

  • What to do when you come into a lot of money. Whether it’s an inheritance or even winning a cash prize, going from financial lack to abundance in a short time can be daunting, and you need someone to help you make good decisions. 
  • When you’re about to make a decision like signing up for an investment program, you need some element of coaching to make sure it’s the right thing for you. 
  • When you want to borrow money from your mortgage, you have to be sure that it’s the right thing for you, and that’s why you need reverse mortgage counseling from experts who can tell you the truth about your situation. 



Anxiety is a normal part of life, and we all go through it. The challenge is that most of us suppress it, and we don’t deal with our anxiety so it starts to get in the way of us living our best lives. 

Psychologists and counselors are very helpful in us learning to take control of our emotions so that we can move through anxiety and overcome it so that it doesn’t hurt our health and our relationships. 

When we experience anxiety for a prolonged phase, it might be time to consider some help from someone who can provide the tools to navigate a hard time, or even help us get to the root of the feelings so we get rid of them altogether. 



Becoming a parent is a beautiful thing, but it’s also a huge life change, whether it’s the first time or if we’re adding to our families.

We need to be able to prepare for the change and get ourselves in the right emotional space to bring a new life into the world. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone about being the emotions that come with being a mom-to-be, in fact it’s one the healthiest things we can do. 

There are a lot of emotions that come with having a child, especially in an uncertain world and talking through some of those worries and concerns will be highly beneficial. 


Switching Careers  

Big life changes are very hard to navigate, even when it’s a change we have longed for and craved. One of those changes is changing careers, whether it’s leaving a 9-5 to start your own business, or starting out a different career path.  

Big life changes take us out of our comfort zones and away from what we’ve known for a long time in our lives. That comes with a lot of self-doubt and fear, and getting some sort of coaching or counseling in that moment will make the shift feel a lot less daunting. 

We live in an era where there are coaches and counselors available for just about any circumstance, milestone or pivotal moment in our lives. These are resources we can lean into when we need them. 

Life can challenge us or we can go through a change, and the truth is, we don’t have to go through it alone. With the right support, creating the life we want and feeling fulfilled by it is well within our reach. 


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