4 ways to transform your outdoor space with plants


Do you have an outdoor space that needs a little love? With all of the extra time we’ve spent at home this past year and a half (wow, can you believe that we’ve been living in a pandemic that long!?), most people have spent time sprucing up spaces around the house and outside so that they can enjoy it more. If you have an outdoor space that needs some TLC, check out these 4 ways to transform your outdoor space with plants!

transform your outdoor space with plants!

Transform Your Outdoor Space With Lush Greenery

A balcony or patio space is typically the main highlight of many apartments and houses, as they offer an outdoor area with great views and varying levels of privacy. Sometimes, tying all of your furniture and decorations together to create a cohesive space can seem overwhelming—that’s where we come in. We will show you four ways to spruce up your outdoor living space with plants and how you can turn your balcony or patio into your own private garden while growing some extra food in the process.

transform your outdoor space with plants

1) Decorate AND Grow Delicious Herbs and Vegetables

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Personal Produce Section

transform your outdoor space with plants!

Having a relaxing outdoor space is crucial for families. Why not also make it functional? With a vertical vegetable garden, not only can you decorate an important part of your home, but you can grow your own organic food, too. By taking fewer trips to the grocery store, growing these veggies can save you time AND money. When you cut down on gas and shopping distractions, you’ll be subtracting costs off your grocery bill in no time. Plus, your vertical vegetable garden can be a beautiful centerpiece no matter how big or small your space is.


2) Create a Plant-filled Canopy With Hanging Baskets

Up Your Aesthetics While Saving Space

transform your outdoor space with plants

We understand that not everyone has a ton of space to work with on their balcony. In cases like these, creating a canopy-style garden with various hanging plants is the best way to decorate while saving space. Depending on the layout and style of your balcony, greenery can be hung on hooks, railing, or even bars. You aren’t limited to these fixtures, though—there is a wide variety of different ways to hang plants, but not all of them are renter-friendly!

Additionally, it’s important to remember that hanging baskets aren’t just limited to flowers. Whether you’re repotting houseplants into baskets or DIYing your own, you can house a large selection of different plants depending on your balcony’s conditions.


3) Create Privacy With Wall Installments

Block Off Neighbors With Fresh Greenery

transform your outdoor space with plants

Privacy is one of the main concerns that renters and homeowners have when it comes to balconies. However, by creating a beautiful wall of plants, you can stay out of sight while relaxing outdoors. The best part? This style of balcony garden can be completely renter-friendly, as nothing has to be installed directly onto the wall. If you choose the renter route, this opens up the potential for fun palette projects that the entire household can enjoy. If you’re not a big DIYer, though, different hanging devices can be purchased.


4) Keep it Simple and Use Your Railing

Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetics for Space

transform your outdoor space with plants!

Don’t have much square footage to work with and nowhere to hang? Don’t fret—you can use the railing itself or the fence as a base for your garden. This method allows you to decorate while giving you the space required for your furniture and not blocking any walls, overhead hangings, or windows. The most important part of growing on your railing or fence is to secure all of your plants. With wind, rain, and other extreme weather conditions, keeping your greenery secure ensures everyone’s safety—including your plants.


transform your outdoor space with plants

No matter how much or little space you have, any outdoor space can feel significantly homier with the addition of plants. Your space won’t just look better—you’ll feel better surrounded by greenery, too. Ready to start building your personal balcony oasis? Stop by your local plant nursery today to create the outdoor space of your dreams.


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