5 Back-to-School Shopping Tips For Moms and Their Tweens


It’s back to school time and you what that means- school shopping! Here are some awesome tips to help you when back to school shopping for your tweens!

Do the Majority of Your Shopping Online

Your summer can get busy, and the school season is hectic enough as is. It is a great idea to purchase all of your essentials online and beforehand. No modern-day mom has time to drive around time picking up TI-84s and poly folders. With just a few clicks of a button, you can have everything delivered to your door from Amazon or Target within days. You will save time and money, both of which are any super mom’s greatest resources. 

Online shopping has made it possible for moms to save loads of time and get the best prices. Anything from pencils to slip-on shoes can be bought online, and it seems that online stores always have the best deals on clothes and everything else. No longer will you have to spend time shopping around for the best price. It will be a big stress reliever to have everything simply delivered to your door. 

Communicate with Your Child 

While it is always important to communicate with your child, it is especially important for moms of tweens. Your child is finally growing into their own person, and that can be very confusing. Allowing them to tell you what they need to buy for this transition is imperative for their independence. Be sure to ask them about their day at school and be intuitive about what they may need. If they are talking about how their lunch often gets cold, they need a better insulated container or lunch bag. You want to allow them to tell you what they may need so you never overbuy (a large problem for many moms!), but it is also good to be insightful as many tweens don’t know what they need. It is a good thing to get involved with your child’s life. Talking and communicating with your child can help ease any new school year anxiety as well! 

Shop At Home

We often accumulate many items at home from having a child. It is easy to get lost in the “new year” process and forget we have lots of leftover supplies at home. Items such as pencils, pens, and notebooks are usually bought in excess, so chances are you will have a couple of extra ones from last year. If one of your younger children needs an item for school, it is likely their older sibling already has it in their closet/drawer. To avoid confusion, it is a good idea to keep track of extra items for organizational purposes. Do not get caught in the excitement of a new year and overspend on items that can be found readily available at home. This practice will also teach your child to be resourceful and financially mindful. 

Take Advantage of Credit Card Rewards

Take this time to consider a credit card application. Many credit cards will offer bonuses for reaching a spending limit. These signup bonuses are either cash or points that have a cash value equivalent. Essentially, it’s free money! Be sure that your credit cards will remain useful to you following the new school year season, and do not apply if that is not the case.

If you do not need a credit card, be sure to review your current rewards program and maximize rewards points. Some cards will give more cash back on purchases than others. Using credit card rewards is a great way to cut costs for the new school year. Remember to pay off your full balance every month to increase your credit score. 

Shop Second-Hand

Many things can be bought second-hand, including school supplies. If your child is in need of a new wardrobe for them, consider shopping second-hand. Children grow out of things quickly, and the savings can be immense. Retail has become increasingly expensive, and many second-hand shops feature new items with tags. You will also be able to afford brand names at a much longer cost. 

Children, including your tween, are fast growers, so it may be the reason why so many kid’s items in thrift stores are in such good condition. Many parents will receive baby gifts that their children will outgrow before they are even opened. Because buying second-hand is so inexpensive, you can also buy more items for your child. Kids don’t take good care of their clothes, so investing in expensive kids’ clothes is simply burning money. Bonus Tip: If you can find a store that specializes in second-hand kids’ clothes and items, you can always resell the following year and help another new mother out!


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