5 Fun Ways to Level Up Your Living Room’s Decor


You’ll never believe how easy it is to enhance the look of your living room. There are a million small ways to change your decor, such as switching out your curtains and rugs or swapping out seasonal decorations. Still, if you want to have fun with your redecorating project, you need to let your imagination soar.

Get Creative with Color

One of the easiest ways to enhance the decor in your living room is to get serious about color. We sometimes say that we’ll incorporate splashes of color in the accent pillows or wall art, which is a terrific idea, but why should we limit color to the details? Splurge on a brightly colored sofa. Go thrifting for a beautifully painted TV cabinet. Pick your favorite hue and paint the walls, the trim, or the shelves.

Make a Statement

There are several ways to make an attention-grabbing statement in your primary living space. Draw the focus with well-chosen art pieces, decor, and lighting fixtures. Do you have a stunning painting? Place it on an open wall in full view of your seating options. You can also think about installing hidden track lighting to spotlight the piece to its best advantage. The same goes for sculptures, statues, and other decor items. As for lighting, in addition to setting the mood with your lights, install a new ceiling fan, chandelier, or fun fixture to provide light and start a conversation.

Experiment with Inventive Wall Decor

You can have fun with the decor that goes up on the walls. What’s your aesthetic? What’s the aesthetic of the space? Serious art is lovely in a formal living room, but it’s not suitable for Boho or cottage-core rooms. Think about the kind of space you want to create your wall art. Would your living room design look better with cuckoo clocks and vintage picture frames or modern frames?

Play with Patterns and Prints

Whether choosing wallpaper or buying new throw pillows, don’t be afraid to embrace a pattern or a print. Be kitschy with cushion covers depicting flamingoes or check wallpaper. An accent chair is a great place to showcase a pattern.

Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall provides an ideal canvas for your creative side. You can do anything with an accent wall. Put together a mosaic of different-sized mirrors. Try the same thing with picture frames. Position them so that they cover nearly every inch of space on the wall. Paint the accent wall a different color than the rest of the room – preferably something bright and eye-catching. Paint your own pinstripes! You can put up wallpaper, wainscotting, or anything else you can imagine, as long as it stands out, of course.

Spruce up your living space with a few fun ideas. It will feel like a brand-new room! How do you like to freshen up your home decor?


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