5 Pool House Design Ideas For Families With Young Children


Children love the pool area. They find swimming and playing in the water very exciting. It’s not surprising that many families like us want to install a swimming pool in their yard (especially since covid!). A pool house can be a great addition to our property’s outdoor features and add value down the road. 

A pool house can also make family bonding extra special. It also helps boost property value and is a source of pride for many homeowners. But we needed ideas on how we should design a pool house that’s safe, appealing, and enjoyable for our kids.

Here are some of the best pool house design ideas that we found for families with young children:

Customized Steel Pool House 

Steel building kit manufacturers provide good quality parts customized to your design for a personalized steel pool house. Steel pool houses can be customized to suit the needs of a growing family. 

A customized steel structure is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a temporary or semi-permanent pool house to install in your yard. You can also build a children’s pool house using steel. 

Here are the benefits of having a steel pool house: 

  • You can add assembled modules at any time.
  • Optional sizes are available.
  • Suitable for recreating a water park ambiance.
  • It’s easy to overhaul and assemble; it’s also removable.
  • No special maintenance is required.
  • It’ll last a long time. 

Go For A Child-Friendly Gazebo 

You don’t have to give up on your goal of a gazebo pool house (my favorite!). You can still build a stylish gazebo in your yard that your children will love. 

For example, you can add low-lying comfortable seating options for children in your gazebo to ensure comfort and a fun pool experience. Creating a warm and unique dining setup in your gazebo is also possible. You can do this by having low tables for kids to enjoy snacks and beverages. 

Meanwhile, if you love crawling vines and sheer drapes, you can incorporate colorful paint or décor into your gazebo to blend perfectly with your outdoor area. In addition to plants, you can also place miniature statues of ducks, frogs, elves, or swans inside and around your pool house to catch the attention of young children. 

Add Safety Features To The Design

Florida state law says that pools must have safety enclosures. Toddlers and preschool-age children can easily slip away from their parents’ eyes. These children are usually aged one to four years old and are at a high risk of drowning in pools. For this reason, the pool area and pool house must have barriers and other safety features to help parents supervise their youngsters without much stress and effort.

Drowning is a preventable incident. However, it’s the leading cause of mortality for young children. Examples of barriers to preventing drowning include fences, safety nets, and alarms. Pool houses must have safety barriers for parents to help prevent accidents outside at the pool.

A Green Educational Pool House  

Children love visual learning. To transform your outdoor space, you can place different potted plants inside the pool house and surrounding the pool area. These can include blossoms, vegetables, succulents, and shrubs. They make a great view for children and adults while playing and swimming in the pool. 

A green pool house makes an excellent educational learning place, too. During your family bonding, you can teach children the names and types of plants in your pool house. Moreover, you can hold a brief tutorial class about proper watering, pruning, or fertilizing those plants. 

Install A Fire Pit  

Who doesn’t love the idea of swimming and camping. Therefore, incorporating a fireplace in your pool house can make outdoor family bonding more memorable. Parents can share their childhood stories with their kids in front of the fire pit while grilling some marshmallows. 

In addition, installing a fireplace can help everyone warm during cold nights. For nighttime birthday parties and get-togethers, a firepit is a very useful pool house feature to keep children warm, happy, and comfortable. 

On the other hand, kids might find the firepit enticing to touch. So, parents must ensure that young children are under supervision when the fireplace is lit up to avoid burns and other related accidents.  

Designing a pool house for families with young children can be challenging and fun at the same time. Knowing what your children love most while swimming and bonding in your yard can help determine the best features for your pool house. Furthermore, you must consider safety, functionality, and aesthetics when designing a pool house.


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