5 Tips For the Best Backyard Birthday Bash

We have partnered with Tom's Laser Tag to write this post, but OMB only works with businesses we think will help our fellow Orlando moms.

We are lucky to live where outdoor parties are almost always a great idea with our year-round mild seasons and sunny skies. This can make planning your kids’ birthday parties a breeze (just be sure to schedule it around the 4:00 pm rain over summer!). Do you have food, some balloons, an outdoor space to do something fun, and a little sweet treat? You’re practically done! Here are our best tips to make your next backyard bash a hit—and easy too!

1. Set Up a Comfort Station

Taking the time to set up a little area with whatever the weather calls for will go a long way in keeping your guests happy. If the weather is hot and sunny, sunscreen, bug spray, and maybe even little fans that squirt water will keep everyone cool and free of burns or bites. If it is chilly, a stack of blankets will invite guests to stick around. 

2. Consider Ditching the Dishes

Being outside gives you a little more leeway to offer snacks without breaking out the flatware. Since most backyard parties won’t be the “sit and eat” type, plan on serving finger food and bites that can be eaten with a napkin. Think sliders, pigs in a blanket, mini sandwiches, watermelon slices, and cake pops. This means less to buy, less to clean up, and less waste! And don’t forget about the cuteness factor of scrumptious little bites!

3. Go For BIG Decorations

One of the beauties of planning a party outside is the total lack of boundaries for whatever you want to create. That big open space calls for some big decorations! If you want to stay simple, get a bunch of balloons. Group them together to make them more visually impactful, and stake them to the ground or attach them to tables. Big banners, garlands, and signs are also perfect for making a big statement outside. 

4. Keep It Relaxed, But Have a Rhythm 

A backyard party automatically sends a message that this will be a chill time without much pretense. Enjoy letting go and allow the party to flow! Make a list of what your must-dos are and list them in order, but don’t worry about sticking to a schedule. 

5. Have a Party-Worthy Activity

This is your big opportunity to plan something that will wow your guests! Take advantage of your space and think outside the box. In Central Florida the craze is bringing laser tag right to your own home. Tom’s Laser Tag is a local favorite and will ensure your guests have an amazing time by bringing their own laser guns to your party and helping you set up playing area.  A high-energy game like laser tag is perfect to liven up any party, even in a small yard. They offer games for a wide range of ages, and can even accommodate players with special needs. You can contact Tom through his website or Facebook to book your party today—prepare to be your kid’s favorite parent!

What tips do you have for the best backyard birthday party ever? 


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