5 Tips to Create a Baby-Proof Bathroom


Babies often start out not being able to move an inch from anywhere there kept, and then in no time they’re all over the place, climbing things, scattering places, and leaving you scared they’re going to hurt themselves any second. For this reason, babyproofing is very important in homes where there are young children. 

The bathroom is one of the most important places to child-proof in your home. They contain so many objects that could potentially cause harm to a child, from curling irons to soaps, antiseptic liquids, medicine, and hot water, among others. Furthermore, having your bathroom babyproofed helps to avoid plumbing issues. According to one Scottsdale plumber from Apple Plumbing services, a good number of plumbing issues are caused by inquisitive infants sticking objects in places they don’t belong.” Keeping your young children out of the bathroom would keep them safe and save you a lot of money on plumbing. Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom babyproofed all year round.

Cover the Doorknob

One of the easiest ways to keep your kids out of the bathroom is to install a child-proof cover on the doorknob. These doorknobs come in different lever styles or round shapes, making it difficult for a toddler to open. With a child-proof knob on the door, you’ll be sure your child cannot get into the bathroom without adult assistance.

Getting a child-proof knob on your door would also stop your kids from throwing things into the sink, tubs, and toilets. 

Use Covers and Plugs for Your Drains

Many curious toddlers often feel the urge to stuff things down the drain, wanting to see if these objects will disappear and reappear, thereby unwittingly blocking the drains. You can stop this from happening by placing plugs and covers over all your bathroom drains; this ensures that large items capable of blocking drains cannot get through. You should also lock the toilet seat to make it difficult for a child to easily pull open, as kids love to throw things down the toilet.

Find an Elevated Spot for Your Medicine Cabinet

If you have little kids running around the house, then you must find a cool, dry, and elevated spot in your bathroom for your medicine cabinet. Medicines must be kept away from the sight and reach of children because of the harm that could occur if kids get their hands on them.

While choosing a spot for your medicine cabinet, have in mind that exposure to excessive heat or moisture can cause medicines to become toxic or less effective. Once you have your medicine cabinet installed out of arms reach, always ensure that there are no chairs or stools beneath the cabinet, as toddlers can quickly learn how to climb up chairs to reach items kept away from them. Also, ensure that the kids cannot reach the medicine cabinet by climbing up a lower cabinet. As an added precaution, you can install a child-proof lock on the cabinet and keep medicines in child-resistant bottles.

Baby Proof Electrical Outlets in the Bathroom

It’s important to make sure your toddlers never make any contact with electricity as this could have dangerous consequences. Having non-moisture-rated electrical outlets in the bathroom could also cause house fires. Many parents often overlook this vital babyproofing step when child-proofing the house. The fact that bathroom outlets are so close to water sources makes them an additional hazard. So, how does one baby-proof electrical cords and outlets to make sure kids remain safe as they move around the house?

When electrical outlets have nothing plugged in on them, babies are tempted to poke all kinds of objects into them. Poking a metal object into a working electrical outlet could be fatal. Depending on their positioning, toddlers may also sometimes be tempted to pour water into these outlets. Fortunately, it costs next to nothing to cover up these outlets. A simple way to cover them up is by using an electrical outlet cap or electrical outlet cover. As an added precaution, cover up all electrical outlets in the home not just those in the bathroom.

Use Skid-Proof Mats

Recent statistics reveal that most slip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom. Toddlers love to run everywhere, and most bathroom mats will often slip out of place. For this reason, it is much better to use skid-proof mats to ensure the mats remain in place even with all the pitter-patter of tiny feet. 


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