Do you ever wonder if the style you wore in high school will become popular again? What about your favorites, like flare-bottom pants, that have had their high and low moments in the fashion world? There are so many new trends on magazine covers and Instagram feeds that it’s hard to keep track of it all.  

Thankfully, classic designs stick around, no matter how many years go by. From universally flattering dresses to cardigans and denim to diamond earrings, there are so many looks that will never go out of style. Fill your capsule wardrobe with these six effortless basics, and you’ll always have something to wear. 

Timeless Fashion Trends Every Wardrobe Needs

When you’re a busy mom, student, or career-focused woman, there’s something to be said about versatile clothing and accessories that you can wear all day, every day. Whether you prefer neutral tones and minimalist designs that go from day to night or you enjoy adding a little flair to your looks, you need a solid base of timeless pieces. Focus on high-quality tops, bottoms, and jewelry you can enjoy for years to come.

1. A-Line Dresses

A fun and feminine dress is the ultimate one-piece outfit. Elevate yours with your favorite heels and a pearl necklace for date nights, cocktail parties, and even the office. Dress it down with sneakers for backyard BBQs or running errands. As you’re looking for your new go-to, opt for an A-line dress in black or one of the season’s most popular prints, such as florals. 

A-line dresses flatter all figures, as they are fitted at the top and feature a flowy bottom. Of course, you can choose the dress that fits your unique taste! This silhouette is available in a variety of lengths and styles. Keep this classic fresh by adding a trendy hand purse, and you’re ready for whatever the day brings. 

2. Minimalist Styles

The 1960s were all about a minimalist fashion sense. This design persists today and focuses on clean lines, neutral colors, a lack of extra adornments, and pieces you can easily mix and match. For example, a navy shift dress, a white button-up blouse, and a pair of wide-leg pants make up nearly every minimalist wardrobe. 

Remember, less is more. So spare the frills and pair a fitted black bodysuit with straight-leg jeans, or stay comfortable in a boxy knit sweater and leggings. Finish your look with a blazer or trench coat, as well as simple and comfortable footwear. 

3. Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigan sweaters have been around for ages. Whether you’re wearing one to keep warm and cozy throughout the day or layering your outfit to give it dimension, an oversized cardigan will never go out of style. Look for options in shades of blue, brown, or white so you can pair them with practically anything in your closet. 

Whether you wear it buttoned or unbuttoned, cropped or extra long, this classic piece is excellent paired with leggings or skinny jeans. Add a cardigan to your blouse and skirt combo, and stay comfortable at work. On the weekends, elevate your style with a soft, knitted cardigan that matches your loungewear.

4. Leopard Print

Animal prints come and go very quickly. However, the one that has stood the test of time beyond all others is leopard. You can wear leopard print on anything from your hat to your shoes! Black, tan, emerald green, and peach are popular color combinations at the moment. 

For a day on the town, wear a leopard button-up shirt with jeans and a leather jacket. Walk into the office in leopard print pants, a black turtleneck sweater, and a leather jacket. Spice up your night out with friends by wearing a leopard print dress and styling a black purse with a gold chain to match and spritzing on your signature scent. Handbags and hats are simple accessories that add to your leopard look! 

5. Denim

Need I say more? Denim is a staple in all four corners of the world thanks to its versatility and durability.  Denim jackets with white t-shirts are the perfect combo for easy-going days, while button-up denim shirts are great with long pants and riding boots. Regardless of what kind of denim you wear (from jeans to jackets and skirts to hats), you will always be in style. 

Denim blue jeans fit nearly every aesthetic, including laid-back moms, sporty outdoor adventurers, and everyone in between! Skinnies, boyfriend, and mom jeans are in right now, but wear what makes you comfortable. Choose your wash and cut, and you have the base for any outfit for years to come.

6. Diamond Stud Earrings

When it comes to adding the perfect finishing touch to every outfit, think timeless diamond jewelry. Diamond stud earrings are simple, yet modern, and they’re available in different shapes and sizes. For a basic look you can rock daily, choose smaller studs with prong settings that will secure the diamonds for long-time wear. Want a statement piece? Try larger halo-style studs that will really turn heads.

Although traditionally, diamond studs are pure white, you can now get these beauties in pink, red, black, yellow, and blue. Match your diamond color to your ensemble! Pick your setting, too, including a silver or gold medal. For more affordable and ethical accessories, you can even get lab-created diamonds that are just as stunning as mined ones. 

Dress Timelessly

Whether you’re looking for a dress, jeans, sweater, pattern type, or fashion accessories, you can’t go wrong with these six trends that won’t go away. Invest in these pieces, and you can feel confident that you’re leaving the house in style every day.

_________________________________________________________________This post was contributed by Tess DiNapoli.

Tess is an artist, freelance writer, and content strategist. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health and wellness, but she also enjoys covering the fashion industry and the world of fitness.


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