7 Creative Women-Owned Businesses In The Orlando Area



I’ve always been about girl power. I was born to the hardest working woman I know who was born to the hardest working woman who ever lived. My Father’s mother was also dynamic in her own right. I grew up sitting next to my sister at luncheons and conferences where we’d watch our Grandmother preside over meetings. She exuded power. She was a petite lady with a loud voice and big spirit. From her I gathered that, women are EVERYTHING. I mean, we rock.

Now that I’m a mother to a little girl, now more than ever, I want to not only be a great example to her, but introduce her to other amazing women in the area. Yes, you heard me, mamas. Here in the greater Orlando area, we have women-owned businesses that are making amazing strides in our community.

Let’s show these locals some love!

Da Jen Eats

I fell in love with DaJen Eats at first taste. The fabulous and Jamaican-born chef that is Jenn Ross puts her soul into her vegan cuisine. I’m not a vegan but would easily become one if it meant eating her cooking every day. Not only does DaJen deliver meals in the Orlando area (which would make the PERFECT gift for a pregnant or postpartum mama) but they also host classes and lessons. That’s right! Get your kid’s team or playgroup together for a fun night of cooking and exploring delicious meals.

Naked Bar Soap Company

Natasha and Jennifer became my mama besties the second I met them. I have never so quickly bonded with two mamas. Located in the College Park area, this soaperie makes for a fun mother and daughter experience. But hey – the guys are welcome to come by, too. In addition to purchasing homemade and decadent soaps, scrubs and masks crafted with the finest ingredients, these ladies also regularly host soap making classes!

B’s Cupcakes

Gourmet cupcakes with the BEST buttercream frosting that I’ve ever had? Well, that’s at B Cupcakes. With two locations, this cupcake shop has staple cupcakes that I can’t get enough of. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better Red Velvet cupcake. There’s also $2 Tuesday which means you can treat the kids, your coworkers, or you know…eat them in the closet by yourself. I won’t judge you, girl.

Glamour Kids Mobile Braiding

Mamas of little girls and boys who have curly and kinky hair know the craziness that comes with maintaining that hair. Going to a hair salon isn’t always ideal either because uh…life. Insert Glamour Kids Mobile Braiding. I haven’t personally used Shauna’s services but she may very well be around our house this summer. Shauna will travel to your house and wash, style and nourish your child’s hair. She also hosts classes for mamas like me who are still struggling in the cornrowing department.

Extreme Youth Sports

Where are you, Lake Mary? Looking for an after school program and summer camp with a unique twist? Extreme Youth Sports has a strong emphasis on physical activity and they offer a variety of activities for school-aged children. With a large facility and a focus in providing activities that keep kids moving, I am hoping that that these folx plant locations all around the Central Florida area.           

Amaya Papaya

My children are still itty bitty so the concept behind Amaya Papaya absolutely works for our household. Bright, lively, clean and friendly, Amaya Papaya is the perfect indoor play lounge for infants and toddlers. But it’s not just a place where you dump your kids in a room and hope they wear themselves out. Amaya Papaya offers sensory play activities that are so fun, that you may want to get in on the fun, too. Your Mom bestie may be waiting for you at Amaya Papaya!

Inez Patricia School of Dance

From brown ballerinas to hip hop on pointe, Inez Patricia School of Dance takes what you may call “traditional” and adds a little flair to it. With choreographed moves that are as unique as your little dancers, this school prides itself on being at the center of creativity and culture. If you’ve been looking to give your kids a different kind of dancing experience, Inez Patricia School of Dance is where you should be.


Did I miss any? I would love to know some of your favorite woman-owned shops, businesses, and activities in the Orlando area.




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