Orlando is a popular tourist destination and home to Sea World, Universal Studios, Disney World. The City Beautiful provides its residences with a combination of suburban and urban living, various parks, diverse population, vibrant culture, arts and sports, restaurants, and many fun things to do, making it one of the best places to move to in Florida. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider moving to Orlando.

Low cost of living

With the cost of living lower than the national and Florida’s averages, living in Orlando is affordable. Moving to Orlando means no income tax to all residents, helping you save money you would otherwise spend on the estate tax, inheritance tax, and more. The property taxes are also lower than the national average, ensuring affordable housing.

Tax on social security retirement benefits and pension income is exempted once you retire. If you’re thinking of moving to Orlando today, Osmon Moving and Storage or any other moving company will ensure a seamless, successful moving experience, especially if you are moving long distance or from out of state.

Art and culture

Orlando hosts many art galleries, performing art centers, music venues, and cinemas. It has a combination of amazing museums, theme parks, world-class entertainment, and breathtaking attractions. The nightlife, shopping, and dining experience are out of this world. Orlando has several rivers and lake springs for swimming, skiing, boating, and fishing. The recreational offerings also include golf courses, tennis courts, and fitness trails for blading, walking, or hiking, giving you a host of outdoor activities to keep you active and fit.

A booming real estate market

Orlando is one of the United States’ fastest-growing cities, with a competitive real estate market. Most homes receive multiple offers, others with waived contingencies. Average homes can sell for around 1% below the listing price and remain in the market for about 12 days. Classic homes sell for almost 2% above the listing price and can stay in the market for around five days.

Orlando is a hot real estate market for real estate investment. High housing prices, increased buyer demand, and low-interest rates flood the housing market with house hunters, making it a seller’s market. However, researching the local trends can help you discover what the years ahead hold.

Employment opportunities

Orlando is ranked among the best cities for job seekers, especially the all-year tourist industry. Being the United States’ travel and tourism capital, it has many hotels and restaurants, increasing job prospects. Orlando also houses a major industrial center, providing many job opportunities in the technological sector. Orlando’s job market is expected to outgrow the national economy, with unemployment expected to decline in 2022. The hospitality, professional, and business services are expected to see massive growth, increasing employment opportunities.

Public transportation

Orlando International Airport provides flights to more destinations than any other Florida airport. The Orlando Executive Airport is ideal for corporate travelers and provides a 24-hour service. The LYNX local bus service offers transportation throughout Orlando city, Osceola, Orange Seminole, Lake Counties, and parts of Volusia and Polk counties. On average, the bus accommodates 90,000 passenger trips a day. LYMMO is a free bus rapid transit circulator running all week over downtown Orlando.

It has a dedicated spotlight system and lane, helping you move swiftly across downtown destinations. Orlando’s public transportation sector also boasts of the SunRail, Amtrak, Brightline, and the Scooter Share Pilot Program that allows the operation of businesses that provide dockless scooter and bike-sharing for the residents, visitors, and workers.

Diverse dining alternatives

Orlando is quite a diverse city, giving you access to multiple cuisine types. You can easily find bistros, five-star restaurants, cafes, and diners offering cuisines and flavors from all over the globe. Orlando hosts Disney’s annual food and wine festival, attracting attendees worldwide. Some of the best restaurants to visit in Orlando participate in Magical Dining.

Technology and Business Hub

Orlando is gaining popularity as a hub for new technology, trade, business, expos, and industry conferences. Its universities and colleges provide excellent MBA programs and host the biggest technology-based meetups in the United States. Orlando has also opened up chances of it becoming a hub for automated, self-driving vehicles. 

Downtown Orlando is known for co-working spaces, mainly among startups. But there are lots of other co-working spaces all over town like The 5th Floor in Avalon Park a community in East Orlando.  Orlando Public Library features the Melrose center, which contains a video and photography studio, sound booths, maker lab, work station, editing rooms, software and equipment use, free training, and more.

Orlando is a diverse city with a booming real estate market and employment opportunities. Consider moving to Orlando for these reasons and more.


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