8 Meaningful Gifts You Can Make with Your Kids


The time, energy, and care that goes into creating a gift at home speak volumes. Not only that, but homemade gifts can also be a great bonding experience for you and your kids. This is a chance for your children to explore their imaginations while creating something of their own for someone special. Here are 8 meaningful gifts you can make with your kids. 

meaningful gifts to make

Key Holders

All moms have experienced that feeling of doom when you’re running late and can’t find your keys. That’s why key holders are a useful gift idea for any household. You and your kids can make a key holder at home using any of the following:

  • Wood slab or wooden board
  • Wooden food tray
  • Picture frames
  • Wooden letters

All you need to do is sand and paint the item of your choice and add some hooks. This entire project can take less than an hour. Let your kids select the paint color and maybe even add a cool design. It’s quick, simple, and fun.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Every household with children should also have bath bombs. We don’t want any mommy burn-outs, after all! These relaxing gifts are simple to make and easy to give away—just don’t forget to keep a few for yourself!

If your kids are super young and tend to taste test everything, it might be safer to mix these up on your own. But no matter their age, we guarantee bath bombs are a sure way to make time in the tub more interesting!

Hand-Painted Drinkware 

Hand-painted glasses and mugs are a long-lasting gift your kids will love being a part of. It’s such a sweet feeling to see a loved one displaying a mug with your children’s art on it in their home. Start by thoroughly cleaning the drinkware. After the kids decorate it with a few layers of acrylic paint, let it dry before baking it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Wall Art

If you and your kids aren’t too interested in arts and crafts, a print or poster inside a custom picture frame is a great gift option. Although it doesn’t require as much DIY action, it’s still meaningful. Have your little ones choose a picture, as well as the frame and mat board colors. This is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because” gifts. 

Handwritten Cards

In today’s digital environment, receiving a beautiful card with a handwritten message as a gift means the world. Purchase any card of your choice and then write a heartfelt note inside. Letting your kids compose messages of their own will make this even more special. After gift giving, handwritten cards can also be framed and made into meaningful home decor. 

Personalized Family Photo Album 

A personalized family photo album is the gift that keeps on giving. Whipping out the family photo album during the holiday season, special dinners, and graduations is a beautiful tradition. Kids grow quickly, new homes are purchased, parents get new cars, family vacations are enjoyed—these are all things worth celebrating and remembering.

If you really want to get the kids excited, let them decide on the album cover or even make their own.

meaningful gifts to makeFramed Kids’ Art

Not only does framing your kids’ art preserve their creativity and brilliance for many years, but it also makes a charming gift for their dad, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, and more. Make your child feel like a proud artist as you boost their confidence! 

Homemade Candles 

Homemade candles are easy to make, smell good, and are long lasting. From the color of the wax to the types of scents available, there are so many ways you and your kids can add your own personal touches for a truly unique gift. 

There are even multiple methods you can try. If your kids are younger and not ready to focus on something complex like a poured candle, they can make rolled and dipped candles instead. Rolled tends to be easier and safer for little fingers, as it requires wax sheets and no heated elements. As they get older and you feel more comfortable letting them work with hot wax (under your supervision, of course), neat projects like colorful crayon candles are also an option!


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