A Day in the Life of a Working Mom
A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Life as a mom is crazy. Whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom, we all figure out ways to keep our heads above water (most days at least). Here is a peek at what a day looks in our house during the week with a six month old, 2 1/2 year old, and two working parents.


2:20 am – K comes in to our room and I get up to silently walk her back into her room. What is this new phase and how is she not scared to walk around in the middle of the night? I come back into bed, get hooked up to pump and start browsing through Instagram, Twitter and the ends of the internet on my phone to stay awake.

4:00 am – C wakes up and hubby gets up to give him his pacifier. It’s way to early to eat and start the day.

5:30 am – C is awake in his crib getting restless. I go in to feed him in the dark, knowing he will go back to sleep when he’s done. I think I fall asleep in the glider while feeding him too.

5:55 am – I reset my alarm for 6:05 am to get in just 10 more minutes of sleep before I have to inevitably start the day. Even though we got a decent amount of sleep last night, I’m still struggling this morning.

6:15 am – K comes into our bedroom and is ready to watch Disney Junior. We’ve graduated from just watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to watching whatever cartoon is on, which is a big win for us. I continue to get ready for work while hubby makes breakfast for K and gets her situated.


6:55 am – I’ve made it to the kitchen and realize it’s already late. I start doing ten things at once with the hopes of getting out the door at 7:10 am. No matter what time I get up, we are inevitably rushing out the door every morning. How does that always happen?

7:15 am – We make it out the door, coffee and breakfast in hand to eat in the car. K requests we listen to “new songs” so I turn on Spotify. Of course, I hit every red light on the way to school and my hopes of getting to work on time (let alone early) dwindle.

7:40 am – Arrive at school. I unload K, grab the bags, and the infant car seat to make our way in. We head to the toddler class first and I get K situated before making my way into the infant room with C. I check my watch and try to hustle out the door.

7:55 am – I call hubby on my way to work to let him know I’ve dropped off the kids and they are good. This is something we’ve done since the first day K went to daycare.

8:05 am – I finally get to work, after hitting every single red light possible, yet again. I get situated and get to work.

9:15 am – I start pumping earlier than normal in order to make my 10:00 am meeting.


12:30 pm – Lunch! Today I eat a sandwich from home and smile because hubby sliced it diagonally, which is exactly how I like it. I catch up on what’s happening in the world via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


1:45 pm – I pump early again in the afternoon in order to make my 2:30 pm meeting since I’m not sure how long it will go.

4:30 pm – Hubby calls to let me know he has picked up the kids to give me a quick update on their day, but I miss his call because my 2:30 pm meeting is just finishing up. I think to myself that I am sure glad I pumped earlier!

4:55 – 5:00 pm – I finish up what I’m working on and head home.

5:40 – 6:00 pm – I drop my bags on the floor to leave them for later and head to change out of my work clothes. The kids are hanging out and hubby is working on dinner. I put C on the floor so he can move around. He’s really good at scooting himself backwards, but still needs to work on moving forward.


6:00 pm – Dinner is served! Steak fajitas for three of us and pureed peaches and puffs for the littlest one. Everyone eats their dinner without much persuading, which is always good.

6:30 pm – Bath time and pajamas for the two little ones. It’s also diaper laundry night, so the diapers go into the wash.

6:50 pm – K gets to watch the end of Frozen since she watched the first half last night and I feed C then put him in his crib. Hubby gets started on the dishes from the day and from dinner.

7:45 pm – Frozen is over (though, the songs will be in my head the rest of the night) and it’s time for K to brush teeth, have a drink of water, potty and read books. Lights out!

Hubby and I head back to the kitchen to get everything ready for tomorrow. We get through the chores as fast as we can so we can relax the rest of the night. I work on C’s bottles and wash my pumping bottles and parts. Hubby makes K’s lunch & snacks for school, then makes both of us lunch for the next day. We pack the school bags with diapers and extra clothes. I put together a crock pot dinner (Hawaiian BBQ pulled chicken – yum!) for tomorrow’s dinner.


8:30 pm – It’s time for the diapers to come out of the wash and we hang them to dry overnight. Finally, Hubby and I fall onto the couch. We chat while he watches baseball and I am on my laptop browsing the internet, catching up on emails, and working on blog posts. The house could definitely be picked up but we put it off yet another night.

10:00 pm – I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. It’s hard telling how long we’ll get to sleep before one (or both) of the kiddos decide to get up. We head to bed so we can get some rest before we have to do it all again tomorrow.


While there are certain things we must get done each day, no two days are the same in our household. We always look forward to the weekends when we can spend more time together and sometimes throw in fun activities during the week. It’s crazy, but we love it!

Now it’s your turn! Are there similarities in your day? Differences? Do share!






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