As a mom, sometimes you need a break from the kids and a chance to indulge in all the things they usually turn their noses up at. Most of the time we go to Universal Studios with a large family, but sometimes going solo or just as a couple is the way to go.

A solo day at Universal Orlando Resort is the perfect mom’s getaway! Here’s how to make the most of your kid-free Universal adventure.

Stay connected

To make the most of your solo day, I recommend downloading the Universal Orlando Resort App. This app allows you to keep track of ride wait times, delays, and closures and where they are on the map. It also comes in handy when you need dining options; many restaurants allow mobile ordering. If you are planning on checking out some of the awesome shows, it also lists the times for those.

Ride like there’s no tomorrow

With no kids to worry about, take advantage of the single-rider lines for ultra-low waits on the biggest thrill rides. Here are a few of my must-ride coasters and attractions.

Universal Studios offers a variety of thrilling and immersive attractions for visitors to enjoy. Suppose you want a ride with minimal wait time and a fantastic movie theme. In that case, Fast And Furious – Supercharged is an excellent choice, complete with movie memorabilia to admire as you wait in line. For Harry Potter fans and non-fans alike, Hogwarts™ Express: King’s Cross Station offers incredible graphics and a magical experience, though you’ll need a park-to-park pass to board. For something interactive and competitive, check out Illumination’s Villain Con Minion Blast, a new attraction where you can compete with others using the Universal Orlando Resort App. And if you’re into dark, surprise-filled rides, Revenge of the Mummy will surely delight you.

Woman standing in front of fake dinosaur from Jurassic park: Guide to universal studios
Photo by Contributor Candace Third

Over at Islands of AdventureJurassic World VelociCoaster is a favorite among thrill-seekers and my absolute favorite, offering speed and excitement at every turn. It is the first ride that I get on every time I visit! Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure™ is another must-see, although be prepared for a wait no matter the time of day; it’s an excellent opportunity to grab a drink, snack, or make a new friend in line. Hogwarts™ Express: Hogsmeade™ Station appears here, captivating riders with its fantastic graphics and immersive experience; you will also need a park-to-park pass to board here. And for a charming, whimsical journey, hop on The Cat in the Hat™, where you’ll be transported into a Dr. Seuss story alongside all your favorite characters.

Shop without pleas

It’s a rare treat to explore at your own pace without the interruptions of “Can I have…” or “Ooh, I want…” from others. Focusing on the things that pique your interest and taking your time to appreciate each item without feeling rushed can make the shopping experience much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Must-see shows

Check show times and build your day around these can’t-miss productions:

Animal Actors On Location! is one of my favorite shows! This is a must-see! You can get out of the sun, relax, drink and enjoy all the animals in the show. 

Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show: If you like horror movies and TV shows, this show will be great for you. I have seen it several times, and it never ceases to amaze me. 

Character fun

You’re never too old to meet some stars and characters!

Venturing out solo around the park was truly memorable, but the highlight of my day was undoubtedly meeting my all-time favorite character Blue from Jurassic Park! My love for Jurassic Park and Raptors is no secret, and every visit to the park has been disappointing due to the long lines at the Raptor Encounter and the kids not wanting to wait with me. However, this time was different; I finally got to meet Blue without the hassle of hearing the complaining about waiting endlessly. It was so awesome, and the excitement of that encounter made my solo adventure all the more special.

There are so many other characters worth meeting throughout both parks and being there alone allowed me to walk leisurely and see who I could spot. Whether it was Shaggy & Scooby or any number of the Comic Book Characters, you can even meet the entire Simpson Family.

For the foodies 

cap'n crucnh donut from voodoo donuts. Guide to universal studios
Photo by Contributor Candace Third

Being a Universal Studios Foodie doesn’t require being a hardcore food enthusiast; it’s all about embracing new flavors and experiences. Don’t hesitate to try something different remember, your kids aren’t there to judge you! If you’ve never tasted VooDoo Doughnut, located at City Walk, it’s a must-try. I highly recommend the ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ a delicious combination of raised yeast doughnut, vanilla frosting, and Cap’n Crunch cereal.

Sugarplum’s offers the best no-melt ice cream for a delightful treat without worrying about

sugarplum's guide to universal studios
Photo by Contributor Candace Third

it melting. However, they have plenty of other tempting options if you prefer less sweetness. During Mardi Gras, indulge in the Chicken Schnitzel in Germany or the Bananas Foster Creme Brulee Crepe in France for festive delights.

Duff Brewery serves up a good corn dog with mustard if you’re craving something more straightforward. Croissant Moon Bakery is perfect for giant croissants almost too big to finish alone.

To end the day on a satisfying note, I enjoyed a Caprese sandwich from Today’s Cafe. It had fresh ingredients and a generous portion. My only regret was not ordering it earlier to savor every bite.

sandwich from today cafe: guide to universal studios
Photo by Contributor Candace Third

As for beverages, Strongbow cider is a favorite, available in select locations, mainly in Islands of Adventure. Moe’s Tavern and Duff Brewery offer a variety of beers on tap, with Moe’s Tavern being a fun spot decorated like The Simpsons show. And, of course, don’t miss trying Butterbeer™ an essential treat made even better when you don’t have to share it!

Seasonal specialties

If visiting during Mardi Gras, indulge in the Cajun foods, marvel at the ornate costumes, and don’t miss the spectacular parade to score beads galore! 

This guide to Universal Studios doesn’t only have to be for moms, if anything it can be a good guide for anyone or even a family (except maying the shopping without anyone begging you for something).

Universal Orlando solo day is a mom’s dream come true riding thrills, eating forbidden treats, and zero negotiating with kids. You deserve it!


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