A Homemaker’s Guide To Embellishing Empty Walls


Whether you live in a small apartment or a two-story home, you may eventually be confronted with the difficult dilemma of how to fill a large windowless wall. Admittedly, blank walls can be tough to tackle. They may feel refreshing at times, as they give the eye a place to rest, particularly in a room filled with eye-catching furniture and vibrant decor. However, most of the time, blank walls may appear boring and neglected.

If you’ve got a bare wall at home that you’ve been wanting to decorate, here are some tips on how you can go about it.

Hang Oversized Art

When in doubt, bring in what always works for walls—framed art or canvas prints. Gallery walls are always a good option, and framed decor never fails to make blank walls look more interesting.

If you’re looking to have an eye-catching setup, go for an oversized piece. Whether it’s a painting or a family photograph, a large addition can instantly turn your boring wall into a focal point. Large pieces are often displayed in living rooms or bedrooms, but it’s not a strict rule you should follow. You shouldn’t be afraid to hang one in a bathroom, hallway, or kitchen.

If you’d like a more unique or interesting look, you may want to consider multi-panel canvas wall decor. The split canvas is a fun and artistic way of showcasing your photos.

Add A Mirror

Beyond their ability to make any room feel brighter and bigger, large mirrors are a convenient decorative detail for your empty wall. You can use accent mirrors with a statement frame or old ones with antique frames. They are guaranteed to make for an awesome wall, regardless of where you place them.

However, you still have to think carefully about where you position the mirror. Consider what will be reflected in it and where it will end. For instance, mirrors are not usually suitable for dining rooms since people don’t like to see their reflections while eating. And, for obvious reasons, you shouldn’t even think of placing full-length mirrors behind a toilet or opposite a shower.

Though most people opt to hang their mirrors, you can also consider just having one lean against the wall. This way, you can easily move and position it in any room of your home. From a lackluster hallway to a plain bathroom, the addition of a mirror is likely to increase the aesthetic appeal of your walls.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have been in trend for several years now. Despite their simple and minimalist look, they’re a great way to liven up any area in a stylish and convenient way. This option is perfect if you’re looking to add function to form. Floating shelves can be used to fill up your wall with dynamic style while also providing an unobtrusive showcase for your favorite decor.

You can use them to display your favorite art pieces and accessories. In bedrooms or living rooms, you can use them to display your book collection. You have the freedom to switch out the decor and items displayed whenever you feel like it. And, if single planks aren’t your style, you can try a honeycomb shelf instead.

Use Tassel Wall Decor

Tassels are a favorite for throw pillows and blankets, as well as keychains. But now they are also making their way to walls too.

Hanging up tassel decor can instantly add movement to a boring wall. Nowadays, natural texture wall hangings are trendy, particularly those with pops of color. You can get one from a local or online handicraft store or opt to create your own tassel decor.

Put Up A Mural

From digitally printed vistas to hand-blocked panels, murals of picturesque landscapes, beautiful cultures, mystic abstract patterns, or any artistic and creative style are an expressive way to add interest to your walls. It can instantly change a whole room, and your options are endless. In addition, most wall murals are long-lasting and can work for any room and location.

If you opt for a hand-painted mural, make sure to find a good mural artist whose art style suits the theme you’re going for. Tell them what you have in mind and ask them to create a preliminary drawing of what they plan to make before you finalize your decision.

Add Some Greens

Able to bring life and health benefits to your indoor space, plants can bring a natural charm to any room scheme. While most people may think of adding potted indoor plants beside sofas and in corners, you can also choose to hang one on your empty wall.

If one seems too lackluster for you, you could add a pocket planter filled with a verdant display of trailing vines and ferns. Different heights can help add visual interest, and you should make sure to mix up plants with different leaf colors and shapes for an abundant display.


Whether your art collection is too small to fill a single blank wall or you just have too many walls to properly decorate, finding the perfect way to liven up those empty spots can take a bit of planning. Hopefully, the above tips have inspired you to fill those walls in ways that are creative and complementary to the look of your home.



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