A Mother’s Day Fantasy


If I say Mother’s Day… What immediately comes to mind? Scribbled cards? Grocery store flower arrangements? Overly scented bath and body products? Buffet brunch at the local hotel?

​This is the image that pretty much everyone sees when they think of Mother’s Day, right? But the question is…

Does Mom even want this?

We asked a few of our contributors to tell us how they would celebrate Mother’s Day in their fantasy-world. Here’s what they shared.

Family Smiles

by Heather M.

REALITY:: Life is busy. We make our schedules too busy. As a result, I think that family time often gets sacrificed or pushed aside for these other activities that we prioritize, or it takes a back seat.

Fantasy:: My ideal Mother’s Day should be a day of luxury & pampering. One that is all to myself and includes only the finest manicure, pedicure, and massage to refresh me & send me back to my family with all smiles. However, if I had to choose the perfect way to spend my day, it honestly would not be this. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for a spa day, but for Mother’s Day, I would rather choose the complete opposite of this. I would love to spend the day with my boys and celebrate being a mom. The catch is, though, I would want EVERYONE to be happy and there be no issues, such as someone not feeling well, cranky, upset, or crying. I can remember my grandmother’s old saying about the family that someone always had a ‘hump or a snot’. As a kid, I didn’t really get the meaning of that, but now, as a mom, I totally do! It is almost impossible to have everyone happy and/or healthy at the same time! Someone is either cranky or sick. The best Mother’s Day would be to wake up and have smiles on everyone’s faces (animals included!), and all be ready to spend some quality time together. No crazy distractions, either. This includes electronics (also talking to myself here). By the end of the day, no matter where we went or what we did, we would truly feel like it was the best day ever.

Sunshine and Mimosas

by Anne Marie

REALITY:: In the 9 years I have been celebrating Mother’s Days, last year was the closest I ever got to a perfect day. My family piled into the car and headed to New Smyrna Beach to play in the waves and build drippy sand castles. How can things get any better than a day filled with sunshine? Let me tell you!

FANTASY:: My fantasy Mother’s Day starts the night before with checking in to a rental house on the beach with a group of my mom friends. We pop a few bottles while sitting on the porch enjoying the sounds and smells of the nearby ocean. After staying up past our bedtime we’d wake up late (you know, 8am) and wander into the sleepy beach town for breakfast at a local coffee shop before packing up for the beach. Now while a good beach bag always has the basics (towel, sunscreen, floppy hat, snacks) ours would also include some premixed mimosas because mimosas make everything better. We work on our tans for a few hours then head back to the rental for a nap and to prepare for dinner of a homemade seafood boil. The next morning when we return home after 36-ish hours of relaxing girl time I will be ready to take on anything my kiddos can throw at me…and I hope it will be scribble cards and grocery store flowers.

The Mother of Mother’s Days

by Meagan

REALITY:: Can it be another year of motherhood has zoomed on by me?  Some days it feels like it’s dragging me along as an innocent bystander, rather than me gracefully manning (err, momming) the helm. And then, every once in a while, there are days so sweet I wonder if it’s possible for my heart to swell enough to contain all the love and gratitude I feel for my blessings. Alas, here I am, another year behind me. Another notch on my belt – about to celebrate my fifth Mother’s day as a mother. A day that gets interesting once you’re a mom, with moms to celebrate, also (especially if they’re local! EEK!). The truth is, it’s not a day I truly look forward to, nor do I dread, so much as it’s just another day filled with obligations – and the uncertainty of two kids under five. Oh, but if we could take a trip to fantasy land for a moment, I’ll tell you how my perfect mother’s day would unfold. 
FANTASY:: My loving husband would get up with the girls, and let me sleep while he shoveled early morning snacks into the messy-headed, tiny tyrants, and make me coffee. I’d leisurely roll out of bed and take my coffee in the car while we drive to one of the our Moms’ house (because in fantasy land I don’t make the rounds). Both sides of the family would gather for bagels with LOTS of cream cheese (status of current pregnancy craving). We’d laugh, we’d love, and celebrate all that we give as mothers. Then I’d leave – ALONE. I would drive to directly to the Wyndham at Bonnet Creek where I would have a scheduled 90-minute massage and a room waiting for me. I would then proceed to order room service, sleep, get a massage, read, and pee in peace – not necessarily in that order. Upon my arrival home, at 7 PM, my girls would be fed, bathed, and ready for quiet family cuddles before bed.  After which, my sweetie would initiate sexy time and take this mama to bed (*insert imagination*) – And then we sleep. 

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