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As the holiday season comes upon us, you aren’t alone if you’re wondering if COVID-19 is going to mess with Christmas. I mean, just the thought that this intrusive virus would come in the way of our Christmas traditions is a little more than this mama can handle!

I believe I speak for every mama out there when I say,

Dear COVID-19,

There are some Christmas traditions you can’t mess with. Namely:  online shopping, eggnog, and a REAL Christmas tree.

Every Mama Out There

Am I right? Do you have annual traditions you hold tightly to? Maybe matching family pajamas, or perhaps it’s driving around to see neighborhood lights? Or, maybe when it finally cools down to one of our rare chilly Florida mornings and you get to wear your favorite snowflake sweater. (Those are the only snowflakes we’ll be getting around here, so it’s a special sweater, right?!)

A Christmas tradition carried over from when I was a little girl

For me, our family has a special Christmas tradition that we’ve carried over from when I was a little girl. I grew up in Puerto Rico where, similar to Florida, palm trees are WAY more common than Christmas trees. But every year on the island, my parents took us to Old San Juan where barges would fill parking lots with ALL kinds of REAL Christmas trees! It was SO exciting to walk around and pick “the perfect one”. It always made Christmas special.

Continuing the REAL Christmas tree tradition

When I became a mom, my hubby and I both wondered what traditions we wanted to continue, especially around the holidays. Even before I became a mom, our first Christmas without kids, I just HAD to have a REAL Christmas Tree! It’s just what we did every year! And thankfully, my hubby shared that tradition, so it easily became our own.

Over the years, it became more fun to pick out a tree, as we let our then toddlers, now a tween & a teenager, help us pick “the perfect tree”. My son is 14 and my daughter is 10, and they have a special pact where they both have to agree as “official tree picker” and “official tree picker assistant” before we take it home. It’s been one of the rare occasions when, rather than sibling rivalry, they really work together to keep this “Real Christmas Tree” tradition going!

Could a REAL Christmas Tree help save 2020?

Actually, that’s not a far-fetched question. Real Christmas trees, other than being one of my favorite family traditions, have a few amazing things that can truly help make 2020 a little better for all of us.

When you buy and bring a Real Christmas Tree home … 

… you’re helping support local farmers.

… the trees are biodegradable, recyclable, reusable for mulch & better for the environment!

… they’re grown to be harvested, so there’s no harm in taking one home.

… for every REAL Christmas tree, at least one new tree gets planted (thanks, farmers!)

… plus, they smell like Christmas! (Is it too early to get one now???)

Speaking of 2020 … is it safe to get a REAL Christmas Tree?

YES! Some retailers even offer online sales and home delivery!

If you feel safe going out (with a mask and social distancing) and want to visit a Christmas Tree lot, farm or retail location, there’s a tool to help you find one near you! This tool has an interactive map to help you find your favorite type of tree (there are so many popular types to choose from)! Plus, sometimes the seasonal lots or shops set up photo ops which are perfect for Instagram! (Or, you know, just turn them into a photo gift for grandma & grandpa!)


2020 has been hard … let’s make this Christmas special

I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 has been hard. It’s been heart-wrenching to read posts on social media of friends who lost loved ones to Covid-19. So many of our local Central Florida friends lost their jobs, from Disney cast members to small business owners. Our collective hearts have been broken in many ways. Maybe this Christmas can help bring healing.

And maybe healing can start in our homes, with our kids.

Look to your kids for inspiration. They tend to get excited about the holiday season; the songs, the Santa cookies, the toys … everything! Let their happy dancing and prancing get you off the couch. Dream together about making this a wonderful Christmas. If we can, let’s share with others in need.

Christmas is a time for family. Plan that special outing to pick out your perfect REAL Christmas tree! Don’t let Covid-19 dampen your holiday spirits! Make new memories and hold tight to your favorite holiday traditions!


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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