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The reality of not being able to afford diapers for your child is a hard pill to swallow and with inflation at its highest and raising a child more expensive than ever, having access to affordable diapers is crucial for any parent.

Well mamas, we are in luck! Central Florida mom, Kierra Mitchner, started a Florida based luxury diaper brand to help moms afford good quality, and hypoallergenic diapers. Her company, Ello Puppet believes that supporting our community and creating access to high-quality products are monumental factors to families living an enriched and happy life.

Kierra is a Florida native and her love for all stems from her childhood experiences. Growing up and being immersed in the many cultures around her paved the way for her mission-based brand. Ello Puppet offers responsibly manufactured premium baby diapers and wipes that are budget friendly for all families. With your support, they can reduce maternal and infant mortality rates by building birthing centers in underserved communities.

Parents are seeking more affordable options for their babies without losing quality as inflation rises. Kierra has designed a diaper with a unique absorbent core that American and European brand don’t offer. This 7 layer technology moves fluid rapidly throughout the diaper keeping your baby dry all day and night. The softest fibers touch your baby’s skin and have been processed with the cleanest standards. When worn properly, it prevents leaks and blowouts. Both diapers and wipes are hypoallergenic and safe for babies with skin diseases.

With a colorful design that represents the multicultural make up of America, their logo easily captures the attention of parents. Not to mention their adorable elephant with it’s trunk pointed up. In many cultures this is a sign for blessings and good fortune. With that in mind, Kierra hopes life bring you blessings every time you choose to support her brand. Remember it takes a village and she hopes we can all come together to make America great again.

The goal of Ello Puppet is to be an established brand and to be inspirational to people of color. Kierra and Ello Puppet want to remind them of how important their roles are in the lives of their babies from birth and beyond. The best way to prepare our children for their future is to ensure we’ve provided them with the best tools available to be their better selves.

Making great choices on brand use is a great way to set a foundational mark and a stepping stone to outlining a path for success for our babies. Just think about it, babies spend more time in diapers than in any other product or material that you may purchase. It is imperative that they are comfortable, safe and that they are in a reliable product where they spend most if not all their time until potty trained. Kierra has heard the cry and accessed the need to be as impactful as she can to all communities.

Ello Puppet understands that it takes a village, and this is another way for this company to give back. Kierra, Ello Puppet’s founder, understands what it means to have a need and recognizes the importance of a support system. She often reflects on the unyielding support of her mother’s best friend who offered her support in her time of need. Ello Puppet looks forward with the eye of change but gives back with the purpose of change. Let us serve you and your loved ones because you matter and your baby’s matter.

Ello Puppet even offers a subscription service for families! Win, Win all the way around! Mamas with babies, we’d love to see you support this small, local business!

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