An Ode to The PTA & Room Moms


An Ode to The PTA & Room Moms

Will all the Room Moms and PTA Moms please rise? Now, please allow the rest of us a moment to complete a full round of slow claps and a curtsy. Ladies, the year is behind us, and you have done it again. I am not exactly what I would call a hot mess mom (most of the time), but I didn’t have it together enough to have joined your ranks this past year. Blame it on the new baby or the fact that I have struggled to remember to attend the majority of my oldest’s school events since Pre-K, but I am in awe of you.

Many of you even hold down 40+ hours of full-time employment in addition to your volunteer time at school and general life stuff. Me? I sent in my PTA money (a few weeks late, of course). And, well, it pretty much ended there. It didn’t stop me, however, from enjoying many of the PTA organized events throughout the year, albeit feeling a little guilty. Or how about families who experience hardships such as lost loved ones or illnesses? Yep, PTA is there without skipping a beat to rally school resources and help. It doesn’t just end with the PTA either. Can we talk about the room moms for a minute?!

From managing email correspondence with parents to organizing donation schedules, and putting together crafts and props for parties, they are doing more than their fair share to ensure our classrooms run more smoothly and that our kiddos make memories along the way. I was speaking to a room mom just the other day about this, and she shrugged it off. You guys! Not only are our room moms and PTA moms killing it, but they are genuinely happy to do so.

I don’t have a massive agenda for this post. I can’t promise to be more active next year, and I won’t waste your time with excuses for this past year. But I do want to say thank you. We, the hot mess moms (ok, ok, I admit it), see you. And, while I can’t speak for all of us, I would like to communicate how much we appreciate all you do to make the school year a little more organized and memorable for all of us.

An Ode to The PTA & Room Moms


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