Nobody likes to think about the what-ifs in life. What if my husband dies? What if I die? What if we both die?! What will happen to our kids? Our house? Our money? These are all questions that you can answer by creating a will with an attorney. Have you done it yet?

Recently my husband and I sat down with our attorney and answered a laundry list of questions about our children, our finances, our property, and our health care. The result was a proper will, living will, and health care surrogacy.

Writing up a legal document that will tell your wishes to your family and friends in the unlikely event that you pass away while your kids are young is such an important thing to do. Otherwise, they are left to figure out what you may have wanted, who should do what, and with what money.

We picked who would take our kids if something were to happen to both of us and how they would be cared for, financially. And who would be in control of those finances. We decided who would answer health questions for us in the event that we couldn’t ourselves. It feels crazy to think about but it’s so important that you do.

Moms, does your husband have life insurance? Better question, do you? I stay home with our kids and I homeschool. This is something that is really important to us and I know I wouldn’t want my untimely death to hinder what we feel is best for our kids. My life insurance is so important for our family so that the kids can be cared for and educated the way we want.

So here’s your friendly reminder to ask yourself the hard questions and hire an attorney! Get this stuff done. You don’t even realize the relief you’ll feel knowing that your family will be cared for.


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