Artegon Sky Trail {plus GIVEAWAY!}


We recently visited Artegon Sky Trail in the Artegon Mall. I had NO idea that this indoor ropes course existed! Talk about a thrill-seekers dream! This place is amazing, AND you can have chance a to win 6 admission tickets to either the Sky Trail ropes course OR the Sky Tykes ropes course! That’s a $90 value!

My two youngest kids accompanied me. They are 11 and 14, which definitely qualified them for the main attraction – the Sky Trail® Explorer adventure ropes course!

Artegon Sky Trail® does have a specially designed ropes course for the really young adventurers! The Sky Tykes™ ropes course is a scaled down version of the full-size course for children ages 2-7, or less than 48″ tall. The platform is less than 3’ off the ground. The open course design allows for easy parent participation for any level of assistance needed. Parents can walk alongside their child or simply step back to watch.
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After a thorough safety talk, my kids were ready to brave the Sky Trail® Explorer adventure ropes course that stands 40’ tall with 2 levels of 38 elements. Seriously cool! The elements are horizontally strung obstacles such as zig-zag beams, cargo nets, rope ladders, and more. All ages and abilities can experience the Sky Trail attraction. Participants are able to choose their path through the rope elements while going at their own pace with the ability to pass other participants at each platform. This course requires a 48″ minimum height to participate alone however adventurers 42” or higher can participate with an adult.

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Participants that are a little more daring should try the Quick Jump in conclusion to the ropes course activity. The FREE FALL! Both of my kids (and even my husband!) did the free-fall! They were securely fitted and briefed on the safety features, and ended their adventure with free-fall simulation device which allowed them to safely fall 30 feet from the air.

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The attraction is open during the mall’s normal operating hours, seven days a week. Not only are groups welcome, but they have excellent weekly giveaways and discounts! Go to their Facebook page to find out more info! Be sure to enter below for your chance to win 6 admission tickets to either the Sky Trail ropes course OR the Sky Tykes ropes course. That’s a $90 value! 

6 admission tickets to either the Sky Trail ropes course OR the Sky Tykes ropes course. Value: $90!


  1. I would highly advise you to do your research before entering this raffle or spending time out at the Artegon ropes course. They were extremely negligent which cause a man to fall to his death on Christmas Eve, while his 25 year old daughter was watching. The death was on the zipline, but the negligent issues are underlying and there’s no way to prove they were contained to one piece of equipment.


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