Summer is here.  The kids are out of school.  Vacations are booked.  Camps are planned.  The monotonous school year routine is over, but somehow, life is still crazy.  How do we combat that?  Book a girls’ trip!!  We dream about it. We talk about it.  But how often do we book it?  As a fellow mom in your shoes, I cannot encourage you enough — do it!  

After years of talking about leaving the kids, husbands, jobs, and extracurriculars at home, my lifelong bestie/cousin/sister-at-heart and I finally took the plunge.  Not only did we have a blast, but a few years later, we booked another trip and vowed to continue our new tradition! It’s not just a trip, it’s a liberation from the daily grind, a rejuvenation of our spirits, and an inspiration to keep going.

My cousin Nicole and I have vacationed our entire lives together: as kids, in our teens/early twenties, married but before kids, with kids, and FINALLY, as tired moms looking for a break! Each phase has brought different experiences, and each one keeps us wanting to make more memories together.

two young girls in a stroller-looking device staring and smiling at camera. Old picture
Photo by Contributor Christina Carlisi.

Since we are the oldest children in our families, planning our trips comes naturally to us.  Over the years, the rest of our families have lovingly (I think) nicknamed us “The Itinerary Girls.”  Location is obviously the first decision we make.  Because we live a thousand miles apart, we’ve always discussed meeting somewhere in between.  However, thus far, we have failed at that.  It turns out that being HUGE, Disney people exceed everything else. So, our first two girls’ trips were on Walt Disney World property, and we have zero regrets. The key to our successful trips is our planning and organization, which I’m sure you can master too!

Two young girls smiling at camera sitting at a table. old picture.
Photo by Contributor Christina Carlisi.

After spending many years vacationing at Disney as children and later with our own children, we were ready to participate in the adult activities on the property. Instead of filling our days with sun-up to sun-down attraction riding, we took time to relax at the resort pools, book spa treatments, and reserve more adult-friendly dining. We also made sure to explore the less crowded areas of the park, discovering hidden gems and enjoying the park’s natural beauty. These activities allowed us to see a different side of Disney and create new, adult-focused memories.

For our first trip in 2019, we stayed at Port Orleans.  The resort was not only reasonably priced but also offered a range of amenities that made our stay comfortable and enjoyable. The great pool was a perfect spot for relaxation, and the beignets, one of our favorite snacks, were just a few steps away.  The resort also offered boat transportation to Disney Springs, a huge plus for us as it meant we could quickly get to our shopping destination without the hassle of parking.  This convenience allowed us to spend more time enjoying our trip and less time worrying about logistics.

Towel in the shape of mickey at the Contemporary Hotel. Girls trip
Photo by Contributor Christina Carlisi.

Following limited travel during COVID-19, we finally took another girls’ trip in 2023.  This time, we stayed at the Contemporary within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom.  Since we didn’t need to ride every ride, we wanted to quickly take breaks back at the hotel for some pool time and relaxation.  We utilized our excellent planning skills by booking highly coveted attraction passes for the morning, successfully rode those rides, and relaxed by the pool daily by lunchtime!  We then got back to the Magic Kingdom just in time for Happily Ever After, the nighttime fireworks show.

While on this trip, we had one of the most incredible surprises.  Upon check-in, we were “pixie-dusted” by a cast member. The BEST girls’ trip surprise! We were upgraded for no additional cost.  It was a fantastic upgrade to the concierge-level hospitality suite — a glorious, spacious 1-bedroom suite with all-day access to the concierge lounge — light dining offerings for each meal and a unique dessert selection for prime fireworks viewing.  For two people who have loved Disney their entire lives, we would have only dreamed about this. 

One of my favorite parts of our trips to Disney as adults is reminiscing about our early family trips.  It’s fun to remind each other how we would request our table away from our parents at the Liberty Tree Tavern.  And, of course, laugh about the crazy things our dads would do to make us laugh on all the rides. The joy and laughter we share during these trips are priceless, and they strengthen our bond of friendship.

Amorette Mimosa drinks in Disney World for a girls trip.
Photo by Contributor Christina Carlisi.

Looking ahead, we have several exciting options for future girls’ trips. We’ve considered a cruise, a chance to relax and explore new destinations without the need for constant planning. We’ve also thought about a girls’ trip to New York City, a bustling metropolis with endless opportunities for adventure and culture. One of our top priorities is catching as many Broadway shows as possible, a dream we’ve had since we were teenagers. Whatever we decide, one thing is clear: it’s time to get one on the calendar, and it’s time for you to gather a friend or two and start planning your own adventure!  



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