Allyson Roth

Allyson Roth

Ninjago Days at LEGOLAND Florida

LEGOLAND is my favorite theme park here in the Orlando area. I love going to their themed weekend events. In February they host Ninjago Days. Join the Elemental Masters at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort to...

Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Getting out and trying something new might seem a bit nerve-wracking, but I’m going to encourage you to try a nighttime bioluminescence kayak tour. There is a lot of fun to have in Orlando...

School Supplies You Didn’t Know You Needed

Every year your children will receive a list of school supplies full of all the things they need for the next school year. Whether it was sent home at the end of the school...
James Qualtrough via unsplash image of lego men in rows with 'Legoland itinerary for families with small kids' in text in front

Legoland Itinerary for Families with Small Kids

Seems that living in Orlando, it's almost a requirement to have a season pass to some amusement park. Peer pressure because everyone is doing it. Choosing which park is a family / personal preference....

5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Avalon Park Florida

Once upon a time, back in 2015, my family lived in southern California. Ok, we lived there our whole lives and thought everything was fine and dandy. I finally finished my math degree and teaching...

I’ve Had an Epiphany

As I’ve gotten older, I still am curious about things that are new to me. Growing up, I only really knew of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Santa as the jolly big guy in...

My word of 2023 is… Calendar

When the new year fast approaches, we often look back at the old year to reflect. Did I do everything I wanted to? Did I stick to my new year’s resolution? What areas do...

Autism: I am in Denial

All the signs are there. My son very likely has autism. But I am in denial. Being an educator, I have worked with kids of all learning levels and learning needs over the years....

Why You Should Join the PTA

Every school may start on a different date, may have different spring breaks, and may host a ton of different events and specialties. Those special moments that make each school just that much more...

Fourth of July Events in Central Florida 2022

Exciting times are coming soon for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday all around the Central Florida area. Many of us have our traditional events to visit with local firework shows and BBQ’s at...

Social Media is the New Form of Communication

Social media is the new form of communication and we all could learn a few things about the proper "etiquette". I know right, etiquette when posting on social. It seems crazy, but it is...

Starting Over Midlife

Change is never easy. Moving is annoying. Packing up EVERYTHING into boxes to then unload somewhere new. Sometimes a move is for good reasons and for others not so good, but whatever the reason...