Tips for Vacationing with your Special Needs Toddler

Vacationing with a toddler is daunting; add a few special needs into the mix and it can be downright frightening. My husband and I have gone on a few vacations with our three and...

When I…Just. Can’t. Even. Anymore.

Let me clarify...I have a toddler. I could literally end this post now, because if you have a toddler, or have been through this weird twilight zone then you know what I'm talking about. Our daughter...

Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt!

As a kid, I remember one particular Easter egg hunt. Even at six years old, I was so competitive. I ran past all the little eggs scattered across the church property underneath all the...

When a Mom’s Village Unites

The bond of motherhood is strong. Of course there's a bond with our children, that goes without saying...but there's also a bond amongst other mothers. Like a code...a look. We understand when we see a...

This is Adoption

November is National Adoption Month and as I sit down and reflect on the adopting of our little girl, I thought I should write something that might be helpful to those considering adoption. I could try to bust some adoption...

The Invisible Badge of Infertility

It might seem weird to have an infertility post on a “mom’s blog” but I want to change that, because it shouldn’t be weird. While I’m a mom to a two and a half...

The Mom Olympics

Are you like me? As a first time mom, and a competitive person my nature, I found myself comparing what my daughter was doing to other kids her age. Add social media to the mix...

That was not how I envisioned my first week of motherhood going

Before we adopted our daughter Reagan, I remember asking my husband, “But what if she has special needs?” There was fear in my voice because I thought I couldn’t handle having a child with...

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