I grew up in Florida and married my high school sweetheart Jeff. We have a daughter named Sadie who is a mix of sweet and sassy. She definitely keeps me on my toes. I am a stay at home mom who is also finishing up college. I can relate to mamas who need to get their homework done while a little one is running around and constantly asking for a new snack. I have a passion for sharing what is put on my heart through writing. I love getting real about things we face in everyday life. Besides writing, my other hobbies include DIY, decorating, being outdoors when it’s not too hot (because Florida!), party planning, singing and spending time with those I am close with. If you came to my house I’d probably not be looking cute, make you a cup of coffee and find enjoyment in just chatting while my toddler runs around scattering toys all over the kitchen.

Fun Fall Crafts For Kids

  Fall is right around the corner! Raise your hand if you're ready for everything pumpkin and to break out the fall decor?! Fall is such a wonderful time for the kiddos. I love pumpkin patches,...

Gender is not What Should Complete a Family

  So does this mean you're going to try again for a boy? Upon the announcement that my husband and I will be having another baby girl, the inevitable question we get is, "So does this...

Toddlers Who Are Late Potty Trainers

Potty training can be quite the journey. The day after my daughter turned two I plopped her on her little princess potty. My goal was to get her potty trained right away! After a...

Date Night Ideas at Home

Valentine's Day... it's almost here! Some years my husband and I celebrate by getting out of the house, while other years we have stayed home. How about you? Is this the year you and your...

Joining Hard Exercise Works

When I Considered Joining A Gym After having my daughter, I struggled with focusing on health and fitness. My eating habits were out of whack. I had zero motivation to exercise. My diet consisted of...

How To Throw A Birthday Party On A Tight Budget

As a kid in the 90's I remember my mom throwing awesome birthday parties for my sisters and me. Many times the parties had a theme and fun games. Everyone would bring their sleeping...

How To Raise Our Kids To Be Better Than We Were

No matter what upbringing you had, we all want more for our kids. I've definitely felt overwhelmed by the pressure to do more, be more and give more. When I first thought about what giving...

Balancing College and Mom Life and the Beautiful Mess In-between

After graduating high school I envisioned my life events played out in a specific order. Becoming a mom in college was never in my plans. My plan was to finish college, start my career...