Christmas Chex Snack Mix

I'm always looking for quick, easy recipes especially during the holidays. I started making this Christmas Chex Mix years ago and it is always highly requested each holiday season. It honestly takes no time...

4th of July S’mores Cones

If you haven't decided yet what you'll be making for dessert on 4th of July, whatever you make....make it simple. If you're like most of us, you'll have a house full of friends &...

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts and Treats

originally posted 11/12/2019 One of the best things about being a mom is having my daughter help me bake and craft. I love that she's always taking interest in what I'm doing and as a...

Valentine’s Day Crafts, Recipes & Treats

When I became a mom, all of a sudden I felt like I had to become a "Pinterest Mom". I was really excited about it too! I love crafting, cooking, and baking so I thought...

DIY Mickey Halloween Wreath

It's no secret that we are a theme park family and much of our holiday decorating is inspired by what we see around the parks. For Halloween I like making a themed wreath that's...

Family Fun at EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

When you hear food and wine festival, you'd probably assume it's an adult-only event, right? It would be an easy assumption, but the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival is an event which can be...

Disneybounding – What is it?

Who's heard of Disneybounding? Even with Walt Disney World in my backyard, the phrase was new to me, (and it's been around for a while!). I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to...


Summer is upon us and I’m already anticipating the hot humid days ahead. Although I grew up in Texas, you would think I’d be used to the heat, but I seriously dread it. To...

Bourbon Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Butter Sauce

  One of my fondest childhood memories during this time of year is going to visit my grandmother, opening her refrigerator and finding Capirotada (Traditional Mexican Bread Pudding). I remember eating this every weekend during...

DIY Olympic Crafts for Kids

The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies begin tonight, so we decided to do a few DIY Olympic crafts, perfect for the kids! I purchased five 9.8 inch foam wreaths from the Dollar Store to make the...

A Jeweled Tree

The loss of my grandmother almost five years ago hit me hard.  Her home was the center of many family celebrations, milestones and Sunday brunches. She was a strong-willed woman, independent, very giving and...

Saying yes to “Yes Day”.

Saying yes to "Yes Day" It all started with this picture of Jennifer Garner on Instagram.  First of all, if that's the way Jennifer looked after a "Yes Day" with her 3 children, then there's no...

Chicken Tortilla Soup

With the weather changing and all things "fall" upon us, one of my favorite home cooked meals is a good soup. But with busy schedules during the week, I'm always looking for a quick...

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15th - October 15th there will be numerous celebrations throughout Central Florida for Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a wonderful way to not only enjoy various types of food, drinks and music...
Mom You're Beautiful

When a compliment stops you in your tracks

“You’re so Beautiful.” A compliment that just stopped me in my tracks. They weren’t said by my significant other and I guess that’s what caught me off guard. Usually when he tells me I look...

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