A Florida native copywriter and homeschooling mom of two with big dreams of doing simple things with great love. Graduated from UCF with a degree in English Literature, which gave her strong opinions on Jack Kerouac and where to get the best tacos at midnight. Either drinking coffee or a margarita right now. Spends her days learning, creating, exploring, and trying to convince everyone knitting is cool. Often has hands covered in bread flour. Fears living through another low-rise jeans trend.

What is an “Invitation to Play” and How the Heck Do I Do It?

Now that I have a big-girl two year old, I have really started to rethink my approach to her toys and her play. Of course I want her to build her imagination, experience new...
My Best Advice to Rock Your Unmedicated Birth | Orlando Moms Blog

My Best Advice to Rock Your Unmedicated Birth

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to have an unmedicated birth. Well, maybe there was more research and thought put into than that, but it was pretty...

5 Summer Staples Perfect for Orlando Moms

Summer, summer, summertime.  You are fun and easy and filled with long slow days. However, you are also hot and sticky and humid. I find it difficult to look put together while casually wiping sweat off...

Toddler Travel Kit: Tips, Tricks, and a DIY

My sweet Vi is smart, adorable, sassy, and hilarious. "Patient traveler," however, is not one of her many strengths. Choose a genius color scheme for an ocean scene? She's on it. Sit with hands...

The All-Kid Guide to the Orange County Library

Is it still nerdy to love the library if you have one as cool as the Orange County Library? I have always loved visiting libraries, and I have lots of memories wasting away long summer days...

I Finally Shot Down That Unwanted Parenting Advice

I held my one year old on my hip and sipped from my beer. Of course I forgot to bring my wrap today, I thought. I shifted her weight and she nuzzled her nose...

Join the Pride: Four Things to Know About Orlando’s New Women’s Soccer Team

Soccer has officially taken hold of Orlando’s sports scene. Thanks to Orlando City Soccer, families have had a whole new way to appreciate the City Beautiful. Now the soccer love continues with the announcement...

I {heart} My Prince Lionheart Diaper Bag

Like all moms, I usually have a complicated relationship with my diaper bag. I love it when its deep pockets miraculously have that last bag of Cheerios that will stop my toddler from screaming, but...

On Becoming a Working Mom

Her tiny hands cling to my leg and she leans into me with all of her twenty pounds. She wants to simply melt into me. Perhaps fold herself up so I can carry her...

Do Not Get These for My Toddler: A Holiday Gift Guide

Oh how I hate to love this holiday season. Or maybe I love to hate it, or some combination of the two. One of my goals this year has been to focus on what...

Homemade Pumpkin Puree: Thinking Outside the Can

Fall is officially here! Especially with the last few days of brisk, cool weather! If there's one thing that says fall... it's pumpkins! Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake. Of course Publix has rows of...

Don’t Say Cheese

What does it take to get a perfect picture of a toddler? 1. A bribe of kettle corn 2. ...the planets aligning, 3. ...and room for about one hundred outtakes on your phone. Or at least that is...

I’m Living the Dream And So Can You

There are a pile of dishes in the sink waiting for me to scrub off the gunk of past meals frantically created from a meager stock of supplies, making it glaringly clear that a grocery trip...

12 Ted Talks to Inspire Your Parenting

Ok. So parenting is draining. Whether you are helping your third teenager through those confusing years, or are in the fourth trimester with your first little one, it’s all tough. I hear you loud...

Bringing Baby Home to 700 Square Feet

  For two years, my husband and I lived in a studio apartment that covered a whopping 500 square feet. We would often marvel at our tiny home and how minimal it was: nothing excessive,...