Five Things I Did to Help My Kids, Help Me

In the beginning, there was me. And then there was Me (plus HIM). And it was good. But then, there was me (plus him) plus HER, plus HIM, and then one more HER. They say...

Little Girls, Big World. The Not-So-Subtle Sexualization of our Little Girls Through Pop-Culture Fashion.

Let me just preface this article with a big "IMO". I realize that this is my opinion, and I claim it to be no more, no less. Let's roll. I have two daughters, so I...
Girls' Weekend at Disney

GIRLS’ GETAWAY weekend at DISNEY – Who needs theme parks?

In Florida, one need not travel far from home to feel as though you are far from home. This is especially true when we have world-famous theme parks in competition to build the coolest and most immersive vacation right here in Orlando. I wanted to whisk my homies away for an “experience,” not just another couple of days off. However, I had to work within my stipulations, and had to think outside the touristy box.

Ticket System How To

I recently shared the concept describing Five Things I Did to Help My Kids, Help Me. Before I sat down and figured out I had all the help I needed right in my own...