How to Dress up a T-Shirt

Every person loves to look their best whenever stepping out of the house. Bodycon dresses and gowns might look divine, but nothing can beat the comfort of a T-shirt. It's the comfiest and most...

Can I Change a Child Custody Agreement?

A child custody agreement is an agreement that parents make about who will take care of their children. It can be made before or after a divorce. You may need to find a family...

Oktoberfest Feast!

I stumbled upon this Oktoberfest feast of a recipe and instantly knew I had to make it. Not only did this recipe have everything I love to eat but it was cooked using one...

Pool Safety for Toddlers

My son almost drowned in a pool. That’s why I’ve become an advocate for pool safety, especially for toddlers. A few years ago, I had a day off during the summer, so I went to...

7 Unique Activities to Boost Your Kid’s Creative Side

Creativity in children is often misunderstood. It is not about whether they are born creative or not, it’s about developing new skills and boosting their creative thinking abilities. If you want to help your...

The Differences Between Drool Bibs and Mealtime Bibs

One thing all moms can agree on is that babies like to make a mess. Thankfully, bibs are the perfect companion for reducing mess and wiping away any leftovers from baby’s face. The bib...

Single Moms: How To Maintain Your Vehicle on a Budget

Our day-to-day life is already pretty stressful as a single mom. The last thing we need is to have to worry about maintaining our vehicle as well. However, if you don't take care of...

I am in love with my second chance at motherhood

I am in love with my second chance at motherhood. That is why I am sharing another blog post that includes my motherhood journey, God and faith. Divorce is often a taboo and naughty word...

How my divorce was a lesson on life, love, parenting and faith

I am going to start off by telling you that if talk about God {gasp! the G word} and divorce scares or bothers or heaven forbid, offends you, don’t even bother to read on....

5 Pool House Design Ideas For Families With Young Children

Children love the pool area. They find swimming and playing in the water very exciting. It’s not surprising that many families like us want to install a swimming pool in their yard (especially since...

Back-to-School Lunch Essentials

Gear up for back-to-school with the must-have products for school and home. The following list of essentials was crafted by a busy mom of two who is always on the lookout for the latest...

9 Tips to Help Your Kids Overcome the Fear of Riding a Bike

Teaching their children to ride bikes is a very emotional experience for many parents. Many dads put this rite of passage in high regard, probably higher than their child's first steps. It is an...

Current and Future Trends in Remote Work for Moms

There is no doubt that the way we work has changed dramatically over the past few years. With advances in technology, more and more businesswomen are finding that they can work from anywhere in...

7 Must Haves For Your Next Big Road Trip

Road trips can be a ton of fun—but they also can be a bit stressful. Traffic, detours, closures, sickness, and general kiddo meltdowns can force you to toss your best-laid plans out the window....

The Ultimate Guide To Pantry Organization

You try, and try, and try, but no matter how organized you think you are, two weeks after the great cleanout, your pantry is a hot mess. How did it get this way? What...

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