Hurricane Season Central Florida Style

Florida’s one discernible season is upon us. Hurricane Season. You may be wondering, what do I need to do to prepare? Everyone talks about these 72-hour kits, and to have enough supplies for your...

Covid-19 and Trick-or-Treating

Covid-19 and Trick-or-Treating Halloween is just around the corner….a night full of candy, adorable witches, silly ghosts, spooky goblins…and the scary concern of Covid-19. Whether you are trick-or-treating like normal, considering an alternative, or opting...

Hurricane Kits: Pandemic-Style

In Florida we normally look at hurricane season as just another season of the year. Spring Season Summer Season Hurricane Season Fall Season (And a tiny bit of) Winter Season (friends up North, just humor us!) We properly prepare, making...

A Mom’s Guide to Visiting Disney

Disney World. The happiest place on Earth – and personally one of my favorite places to escape everyday life. Mom life never stops, not even at Disney. So whether you are going for a...

My husband is not a babysitter

I can clearly remember the moment I slipped up and called my husband the babysitter. I was at a photography event and was asked to stay a little bit past the end of the...

Why are there teal pumpkins on some doorsteps?

White pumpkins are definitely a fashion fad adorning the front steps of many homes, but why are there teal pumpkins on some doorsteps? Have you ever heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project? I first heard...

I Had a Mom Melt-Down

Mamas... I had a melt-down, right in the middle of our girls’ pre-school. I should preface with that it wasn’t about their school at all. Their school is a wonderful loving learning environment. It...

Back-to-School Safety Tips for You and Your Kids!

Can you believe its back-to-school time already? It feels like summer just flew by! Back-to-school to me is a bag of mixed emotions. I am excited for my children as they start on a new...

5 Steps to Help You Become Hurricane Ready

Central Florida Mamas and those who plan to visit The Sunshine State…Hurricane Season is almost here! I know what you are thinking…What? Already?!? Yes, hurricane season runs from June 1st-November 30th! Last season was...

The Menstrual Cup…You need this in your life!

A few months ago, I had a mom friend gush about this thing called a menstrual cup. I was like a menstrual what? She continued to go on and flat out told me you...

How do we support our kids after a school shooting?

It happened again. One of our greatest fears as parents became a reality. Another school shooting, and right here in our state. This time it was 17 students, teachers and coaches. I wish I...

Stop the Mom Shaming: Be a Buoy

Stop the Mom Shaming I recently observed a mom tearing down another mom, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t the first time. Whenever I see this happening, I am always left wondering WHY? Why tear...

When did my mom become old? Adjusting to life with an aging parent.

I remember sitting at a stoplight on the way to her doctor’s appointment, looking over at my mom, wondering, "When did she become old? How had we gotten to this point?" It’s not like...

Your Practical Guide to Trick-or-Treating Safety

All Hallows' Eve is upon us and that means across the country millions of ghosts, vampires, princesses, and goblins will be running door to door searching for the yummiest, stickiest, sweetest treats. Parents everywhere...

Solar Eclipse: Safety and Fun

You may have heard that on Monday August 21st, 2017 the Continental United States is going to experience a solar eclipse. Only the whole country is talking about it! This is the first total...

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