Katie Williams


Back-to-School: Paper Goat Post Style

Disclaimer: You'll notice that I'm about to brag on Paper Goat Post. All of the info about this fabulous stationary shop are my own. I wasn't paid to brag on them! When you hear the...

Super Pregnant: Florida Summers

Being pregnant is a blessing, a beautiful blessing; so, don't get me wrong when I say... being pregnant during a Florida summer is the absolute worst, because it is. If I had the ability,...

Why I Choose To Put My Spouse First

Let me preface by saying that I adore my son and I will also adore my daughter when she arrives (due in October). I will always cherish the moments I have with my children. I seriously...

Announcing My Pregnancy Early

There is a lot of tabu that comes along with announcing pregnancies before the second trimester. Some women feel it's bad luck, while others just want to make sure everything is 100% healthy with...

Emotions of Second Pregnancies

Second pregnancies are overwhelming. Mega blocks flying, dogs whining, emails unanswered; this time around it has been very easy to forget the joys of becoming pregnant. I will admit, sometimes there are days I ask...

Toddler Schedules: A Dream Come True

Schedules. What do you think of when you hear that word? Your work schedule? Your class schedule? What about a toddler schedule? I know, I know it sounds crazy. How could you keep a...

Leap Day: History and Traditions

Leap Day occurs every four years; every four years we have an extra day in the calendar year. Honestly, all the Leap Years I have personally encountered are all a blur. I cannot say that...

Valentine’s Day Activities: Friends, Couples, and Families

Valentine's Day is so much more then just candy and flowers. I grew up Catholic, so to me the day has a lot more meaning. Although Valentine's Day is named after St. Valentine, the day...

Give: A 2016 Resolution

{{Our team was inspired by one of our fellow contributor’s posts, “No More New Year’s Resolutions – Just Choose One Word”, so we decided to share our selected words and the reasoning behind them...

You’re Not Alone

This time of the year is wonderful. All the hot cocoa. All the baking. All the lights. All the laughter. All the joy. It really is a magical season. Though, it can also bring...

Three Easy Ornament Crafts: Toddler Approved

Whether you're a SAHM or a working mama, these Christmas tree ornament crafts will be sure to keep your toddler busy and happy! Grab some glue, popsicle sticks, felt, some mini pompoms and some googly...

Keepsake Stocking Stuffer – Bright Eyed Baby

The holidays are officially here (at least in our household); we don't necessarily skip right to Christmas but I am a firm believer that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years go hand-in-hand. Holiday music is...

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