Kattie Muniz

Kattie Muniz
A college professor, mother of 4, self-proclaimed foodie, writer, reader, teacher, yogi, Kattie likes to keep busy. According to Kattie, she has two rounds of children: first round are 15 and 11, and second round are 4 and 1.5. She was a teacher for 10 years and once she had baby #4 she decided it was time to find something that fit her crazy life as a snack [babe] and a chauffeur. During this time she decided to start a brand called SnackB*tchPodcast, which led to her owning a marketing business. During that time she helped clients tell their story through short-form and long-form writing, and she learned a lot about what it takes to truly connect with people. Kattie was born in Miami, grew up in Nicaragua, lived in Miami and Virginia for a bit, and now lives in the storybook city of Winter Garden. Her life has been adventurous and she welcomes change and everything that life has to offer. The one thing that stays constant is her love for coffee, reading, and drinking beer and wine. What she loves about Orlando is the outdoor seating at many breweries, the family-friendly vibes of many restaurants, and of course the nature. Growing up in Nicaragua she basically lived outside and enjoys that Orlando offers the same opportunities with its many hiking trails, lakes, and rivers. However, her favorite place with always be the beach. She currently loves visiting Sarasota but aspires to visit every Florida beach before her daughter goes off to college. One thing that life has taught Kattie is that you can only control what you can control and to let go of what you can’t. She’s excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to share that with Orlando Mom Collective and City Mom Collective. For along with her on SnackB*tchPodcast on Instagram and Spotify and listen to her raw and vulnerable observations, funny family moments, and most of all easy-to-follow cooking tips.
Two to-go coffee cups in a cheers with words 'coffee & connection on top with orlando mom Collective' logo and snackbitches logo over top of to-go cups. Orlando Mom X snackbitches at the bottom.

Coffee & Connection

UPDATE: Snackbitches has officially partnered with Orlando Mom to schedule, host, (and maybe) sponsor these meetups! Coffee & Connection is a day in which moms in Orlando can come together to either co-work if they’re...

Summer Safety Guide

As the sun rises higher in the sky and the temperatures climb, everyone across Florida eagerly anticipates the joys of summer. It's a time for endless adventures, from lazy days at the beach to...
family of 6 outside Legoland florida with 'here's what is new at Legoland' in text in from of image

Here’s What’s NEW at LEGOLAND®

Hey there, fellow Floridian families! Brace yourselves for what's new at LEGOLAND® and for an epic year of fun and adventure because LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is pulling out all the stops in 2024. We've...
New years resolution

New Year’s Resolution: A Chill Version

When I was a teacher I loved new school years, breaks, and Mondays! I truly loved Mondays as a teacher. Not because I was excited to work but because in the school system there’s...

Serenity Organizer: A Jetsetting Mom’s Secret to Peace

Traveling, as exciting as it is, often comes with its own set of challenges, especially for moms navigating the journey with little ones in tow. The seemingly unsolvable mysteries of maintaining cleanliness and organization...

Nurturing Lifelong Friendships as a Mom

Motherhood is a beautiful and consuming season of life. As moms, our days revolve around meeting our kids' needs — feeding, dressing, teaching, disciplining, cheering on, chauffeuring, and just loving these little turd blossoms...

Once Upon a Book Club: Bringing the Literary World to Life

In a world where tales unfold within the crisp pages of novels, an enchanting subscription service has emerged, breaking the boundaries of ordinary reading. Picture this: a captivating narrative interwoven with surprises that materialize...

Girls Weekend: A Dream Escape at the Marriott Orlando World Center

Orlando Mom Collective was gifted a two-night stay at the Marriot Orlando World Center and I, Snack Bitch (aka Kattie), got to represent them. I was also able to invite my teen daughter for...
Mom breastfeeding baby.

The Empowering Journey of Breastfeeding: Stories of Triumph and Challenges

Contributor, Kattie, breastfeeding her 4th child. Breastfeeding is almost always a hot topic of debate. The media loves to pit women against each other by insisting on formula only, breast only, or a mix of...

Space Shuttle Atlantis 10th Anniversary: Astronauts, Dreams, and Space Education

June 29, 2023, marked the 10th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). It’s been ten years since the KSC debuted this amazing vehicle. Considering everything that went into...

Mom Stereotypes: Unnecessary and Irrelevant

Motherhood is hard and mom stereotypes are a reality we have to deal with. Motherhood is hard on it's own. Motherhood is hard. That’s the understatement of a lifetime.  Everyone knows motherhood is hard. You ask...
baby pushed against clear plastic after a c-section to show mama who reaches hand to clear plastic.

C-section: The Hidden Mental Health Impact and Tips to Help

Giving birth is a life-changing experience for women. While some women give birth vaginally, others require a cesarean section, or C-section, to safely deliver their baby. A C-section is a surgical procedure in which...
mom just having given birth via c-section to a baby boy. Mom is wearing a medical cap, with a black temperature sticker on her forehead, black glasses and holding baby. Dad is off to the left. Both are smiling.

The C-Section: My Experience after Having Four

When a new mom is pregnant they have a certain image of how the birth will go. They dream about it for 9 months. The doctors feed into this dream by having mom fill...

Best Meet-up Places for Playdates in Orlando

This Best Meet-up Places for Playdates in Orlando Guide provides information about the best places in Orlando to meet up with children 8 or younger.  Each place has the following requirements in common: It’s shady ...
POV of person on a kayak on a river overlooking overgrown nature. Two kayaks are in near distance with two people on them paddling.

Ten Reasons Why Living in Orlando is Awesome

I moved to Orlando at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. At first, I thought simply, "this sucks,” but it forced me to appreciate Orlando for what it is outside of the theme...