KALE 101

Kale has gained a lot of popularity recently and is readily available at most grocery stores. Have you jumped on the kale bandwagon yet? If not, let's talk about the varieties, the nutrition benefits and...

Healthy Eating RESET

Let’s talk eating healthy for a minute…maybe you had a New Year’s Resolution to try to eat more fruits and veggies and need a jumpstart or maybe you just want to make more nutritious...

The Adjustment Period (becoming a Mom of 2)

I always knew I wanted 3 kids. I came from a family of 3 and have a sister and a brother. I wanted two girls and a boy, in that order. So far, I’m...

Freezer Meals for new moms and busy moms

With baby #2 arriving in a few short weeks, I’ve started prepping my freezer again with pre-made meals that should make my life easier to feed the family for the first few weeks. I...

Running Strollers 101

Some call them running strollers, others baby joggers. They’re an investment and take some time to research and look into what will work for you, baby and the budget. I’m the chapter leader of...

Prenatal Exercise

It can be all too easy when we’re pregnant and tired (especially in the 1st and 3rd trimester) to want to skip our workout! I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Sometimes I...
on-the-go snacks

On-the-Go Healthy Snacks for Moms and Kids

As busy moms on the go, it’s not always easy to eat healthy! You’re rushing from work to pick up one kid at school and drop off one at dance class and the other at soccer, and you’re all starving in the car!

“Color Me Rad” 5k GIVEAWAY

Calling all moms, kids, husbands, best friends, walkers, runners and those who are ready to have a fun day with the family, filled with color and memories! Color Me Rad is coming to Orlando on Sunday, March 30 to the Central Florida Fairgrounds!

8 “Kid-Tested, Mom-Approved” EASY weeknight dinner recipes

I’m in a group with 400 other busy local running moms, and I asked them to share a few of their favorite recipes -- specifically, recipes that their families love and that are easy...

Prep for Success: Pre-making Healthy Lunches

As mommas (working or stay at home!), it's sometimes hard to set aside time for lunch, much less prepare a healthy, nutritious lunch each and every day! And for many women, hearing "healthy lunch"...

Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Health and Fitness

It’s that time of year again -- time to set new goals for next year! Most people choose to set goals about fitness, diet and healthy eating. There will be lots of new memberships at...

Survival Tips for Healthy Eating while Dining Out

Is it possible to eat healthy while dining out? Yes and no. There are some “better” choices that can be made if you just do a bit of homework. Before you head out to...

Creating A Fitness and Healthy Eating Routine

Making time for fitness and a healthy diet in your schedule/daily routine is crucial. Knowing where to start is sometimes daunting though! Here are three beginner steps. Before you get overwhelmed though, there's no need...

{Giveaway} Legacy Fitness Winter Park

Legacy Fitness is a gym in Winter Park with a nice, neighborhood feel. Owned and operated by a momma of three, it’s like a normal gym with treadmills, stationary bikes, a mat area, weight...

Feeding Mind and Body for Busy Moms

Squeeze in a healthy breakfast, a workout AND manage your mornings? It IS possible!! Working out provides mental (releasing endorphins) and physical benefits; getting the proper nutrition in the morning really helps you conquer...

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