Puppies – Pros, Probs and Paw Prints

So you say you want a puppy. Well, that's precisely the discussion that my husband and I had about 2 months ago.   As one of his 2017 goals, my husband mentioned that he wanted...

The Past – What I’m Afraid to Tell My Children

A past. We all have one. And unless you lead a very public life, most of your poor decisions and mistakes are quietly stowed away in the back of your mind...or better yet, have...

Pump Up Your Pumpkin

Do you love pumpkin, but are sick of bringing the same old pumpkin pie to your Thanksgiving celebration? Well, I have just recipe for you. It's full of fall flavor, can be made ahead...

Sugar Coma??? Tips on Handling Excess Holiday Candy

I don't know about you, but my house has officially been bombarded with Halloween candy. Between school parties and trick-or-treating, my 3 year old collected over 150 pieces of candy. If your house is...

Terrific Time Savers – In the Kitchen

  I get the same question a lot. "How in the world do you have time to cook, like actually cook, every.single.night?" The answer? Meal planning and shortcuts. Meal planning is my passion and is a whole...

Hooray for Hand-me-downs!

Hand-me-downs - hands down - have been a godsend to our family. In addition to second-hand children's stores, my children are clothed in pre-worn duds about 90% of the time. Better yet, you would never even...

Teacher Approved TV Shows

I am a teacher and I love summertime. I am a mom and I can't wait for school to start. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. The teacher in me loves the fact that I...

Our First Flip – The Ultimate DIY Project

  This is us. I am a First Grade Teacher and he is an Environmental Specialist. I am not Joanna and he is not Chip; it would be so awesome if we were. We aren't...

The Childless Mother’s Day

You know her. She is a daughter, sister, wife, friend, aunt, co-worker. She is a mother. Without her child. I remember it well. It was my friend, Noelle's first Mother's Day since burying her child. I couldn't imagine...

There’s the door: Surviving the Morning Madness

The door.  Don't let it hit you on the way out.  Some mornings it does, some mornings it doesn't.  Here are some ways to help with the dreaded (early) morning routine. My husband and I...

Life’s a Hoot – Keeping Up With Kidisms

We've all been there.  You're sitting at the breakfast table and your toddler says something so funny that you almost spit your coffee out of your mouth because you are dying laughing at what...

Start ’em Early – Toddler Chores

  As a 1st grade teacher, I have always had high expectations in my classroom.  My students have fun, but they also have a lot of responsibility.  Why?  Because they can handle it.  They love...

Rich in Tradition – Feltman Brothers

  Founded in 1916, Feltman's has a long history of providing high quality, exquisitely styled, hand embroidered clothing for baby boys and girls. To be honest, until about 2 months ago I had never even heard...

O is for Ollie

O is also for outstanding, which definitely describes my experience testing out The Ollie Swaddle. I am a firm believer in swaddling.  Maybe it is because both of my kiddos loved it/needed it as babies,...

Sharing is Caring…My Most Favorite Apps

The new year always brings a yearning for fresh starts, organization and simplicity.  Systems, consistency and accessibility are three of my favorite words and today I am sharing some of my most favorite apps (some...

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