Top 5 Ways to Save at Target

It's something all us moms do. Whether it's once a month, once a week or once a day, we all end up at Target eventually. It's the end-all and be-all of modern parenthood. From...

Our Family Photo Wall

When we moved to our new home we finally got stairs. Two stories of fun, for me and the kids. Our house back in California was a one-story ranch. My childhood home in south Florida...


  If you're looking for a truly authentic Florida experience, you've GOT to visit Gatorland! This is the place with all the alligators. Not some of the alligators, but ALL of the alligators. All the alligators that...
10 Steps to Becoming a "Florida Mom"

10 Steps to Becoming a “Florida Mom”

These days Orlando is growing with leaps and bounds. Every day more and more families are moving here from all  around the world. Moving to Florida is a welcome change, especially for many people coming...

Me and My Vitamin Generation

I  think my children have been on vitamins their whole life. From the minute they started in my womb I took my daily prenatal vitamin. As infants they had their breast milk and formula and...

Why I Love My Fitness Band

  For Christmas I got a fitness band - one of those wearable watch-looking devices. It tracks how active I am and how much I sleep. I love it! Let me tell you why. Ever since...

Email Christmas Cards – Is This a “Thing” Now?

This morning, while checking my email, the strangest thing happened. I got an email from my husband's cousin's family out in California. Getting an email from them is not strange - It's what's inside...

Review: Orlando Organics Produce Delivery

After moving from California to Florida earlier this year, my family has struggled to find really good organic produce at our local grocery stores. In Los Angeles we were spoiled with so many options,...

Florida’s Car Culture: Lessons on Drop-Off & Pickup

We just moved to Orlando from Los Angeles. California is supposed to be the mecca of car culture. It has Route 66 and Disney's CarsLand and In-and-Out Burger drive thrus and that famous drive...