An educator and freelance writer, Laurie has a love of connecting with people through her words. She has a degree from UConn in History and Native American and Indigenous Studies and had the plan of working in a museum, but ended up teaching for nearly a decade instead! In addition, Laurie was a barn rat growing up, and has fifteen years of experience riding and training horses. While Central Florida has been her home for ten years (and loves it - hello, Disney!), she proudly identifies as a New Englander and will forever root for the Patriots and Red Sox. She’s a wife of a lawyer, mom of an almost kindergartener, stepmom of a high schooler, and dog mom to a quirky Shepherd mix named Eleanor. Connect with her on Instagram @laurieannwriter

Introducing the OMC Book Club!

I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of the OMC Book Club, an online community where moms connect through reading, sharing, and growing — together. Our community members will be guided through reading a...

How Messenger Kids is Saving the Holidays!

If you’re worried about what the upcoming holidays will look like, you’re not alone. As moms, we want the holidays to be full of special memories with our loved ones. do we do...
Pen Pals

Let’s Be Pen Pals: Reviving the Art of Letter Writing

One of the biggest hardships we’ve all likely felt this year is not being able to see many of our loved ones. As an adult, I can understand the reasoning behind being socially distant,...

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Mornings Better

So, I got a little lenient on some things during quarantine. When the world started its journey of flipping upside down and we all collectively entered into the Twilight Zone, I started feeling overwhelmed...

The Day My Son Told Me I Didn’t Love Him

A couple of years ago, my son told me that he loved me more than all the blades of grass in the world. I was initially struck at the odd unit of measure, but...

Am I the Only Female Who Doesn’t Like Holding Babies?

Am I the only female who doesn’t like holding babies? No? Oh, good. Because for the longest time, I thought I was. It’s been an insecurity of mine since before I became a mom. Any time...

A Simple Guide to Reading a Novel with Your Upper Elementary Kid

No matter what your family’s plans are for this school year, we can all agree that developing a love of reading is an important - albeit challenging - skill for our children to continue...

My Kid is Starting Kindergarten in the Middle of A Pandemic

My son is starting kindergarten in just a few weeks. My feelings on this matter are complicated, to say the least. It wasn’t so complicated just a few months ago, though. It was just really,...

Five Things To Do Instead of Scrolling

There once was a time when I could say that scrolling my phone was an official hobby of mine. When the television was on, when I had a few spare minutes to myself, or...

How to Make Goals – and Actually Stick to Them

Goals are always a topic of conversation - whether we like it or not. What are your career goals? Any educational goals for yourself? Your children? What is your five-year plan? How are your...

Disney Springs, reopening after COVID-19

Over the weekend, I visited Disney Springs for the first time since it reopened. There was some normalcy in hopping in the car and heading to Disney, but it was, of course, not a...

Finding the Power Within Us

We are mothers. We are the powerful ones. We have the ability to chase away monsters in closets and to make boo-boos hurt a little less just with a kiss. But sometimes, we feel...

OMC 30-Day Quarantine Challenge Check-In: Journaling

OMC 30-Day Quarantine Challenge Check-In: Journaling It’s Laurie here! I took the challenge of journaling for thirty days in the month of April. Here are some of my thoughts so far: Journaling actually does improve...

Journaling: My Love-Hate Relationship

Journaling. I have a love-hate relationship with it. It’s the thing I know I should be doing every day, but don’t. That’s why I’m taking a 30-Day Quarantine Challenge to journal every day of...

It’s Okay to Say You’re Struggling Right Now

  I’ve struggled this week.  You can say it too. I promise I won’t judge you.  I’m a mom with anxiety, and one of my biggest triggers is being in uncertain situations. And, well, COVID-19 certainly qualifies...