Get That Salt off the Table and Start Feeling Better

You know that feeling you get right after eating a meal at a restaurant? Your ring might get a little tighter? Your feet swell a little? Or you just feel like going to sleep? Besides...

New Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Family

 My husband and I adore the holiday season. Having a sweet toddler around makes this time of year even more special.  We want to build beautiful memories for our daughter. We would also love...

Top 5 things your child’s teacher REALLY wants you to know

Here are some quick things that I want my students' parents to know. I'm sure this goes for ALL teachers.  1. Be honest... if life just got in the way of getting homework done or...

Escape From City Life For A Few Hours

Life with kids is go go go go go and then go some more. Right?! Do you ever just want to slow down? I do! While pondering ways to find a stress relief for my...