The Three-Gift Christmas

It became apparent on Christmas morning last year that something needed to change. We were definitely overdoing it. The packages were beautiful, the tree was overflowing with gifts, and wrapping flew in all directions. Here's...

What is UP with your nipple?!?

I worked as a cashier in high school. I met my fabulous husband when we worked at Publix together. In fact, he still works for Publix 14 years later. I cannot begin to explain...

Things that change the third time around

We’re expecting! But for a while, we didn’t know what we were expecting. We’ve had two precious kids and we’ve had two miscarriages. This fifth pregnancy could've been kid three or miscarriage three. Either...

That positive test

Women, I’d like to prompt you to take a moment to think back to when you discovered pregnancy. Some of you were devastated; you were far too young, too poor, too alone to embrace...

The Anniversary Box: A Gift Idea

In 1979, my parents said their “I do’s” at the tender ages of 19 and 22. Fast forward 35 years to 2014, and we have a problem. That problem is their 35th wedding anniversary. My...

Tips for White People Upon Meeting a Mixed-Race Child

I know you mean well. I’m not trying to put you on guard. I know you’re tired of hearing what can't be said and I understand it’s frustrating when you're only trying to pay...

I Hereby Vow to Walk Out

I'm no snob. I believe in the Everyman, I know for sure that "salt of the Earth" folks infuse every socioeconomic demographic, and I've spent too much time with flossy broke folks to think...

My beef with the advice to “be present”

I don’t mean to be snarky, but if I have to read one more thing about “being present” and being “in the moment,” I might just hurl my iPad at a tree. I get it....

10 days of radical niceness: A marriage-building exercise

On a particularly rough morning in our home, it occurred to me: I could continue to be cranky and irritable and mad about the endless shuffle between kids, work, and life’s many other duties....

Enjoy your body in 2014!

Women of Central Florida, I write to you today with an earnest message straight from my heart (and hips). Right now our media landscape is saturated with messages about our bodies and 2014. The...

Proverbs 31: Theme Park Edition

My husband and I would much prefer a relaxed day at home to crowds, maps, and wait times. We keep it low-key. But our daughter is turning three and this is prime theme park...

Charitable Giving for the Holidays!

Despite my "pinvy" (pinterest envy) of everyone else's designer holiday mantles and the total calendar upheaval of holiday season, we're now entering my favorite time of year. As we gear up for Thanksgiving, it's...

{Sponsored Post} Yes, Sleep Coaching is a Thing

When my daughter was born, I was completely overwhelmed by all of the handbooks and manuals and manifestos about babies. How to get them on a schedule, how to get them to sleep, how...
Stanley Pond Adventure Farm

{Giveaway} Stanley Pond Adventure Farm

Living in the theme park capital of the world is awesome. But sometimes I get tired of $18 parking and $14 chicken nuggets and hours of waiting in line. When we want a family...

Girls Week 2031! Woot!

When I’m up to my neck in teething and diaper blowouts and toddler fury, I have a go-to fantasy. I imagine that I skip town with my girlfriends and we escape for a Girls...