The Ultimate DIY Christmas Gift Idea (that will make you famous!)

I don't want to brag but... I published a book! That's right, I'm a published author! (Book signing party TBA.) I've printed.... 4 copies!  :-) OK, OK, it's a cookbook, but I MADE IT! My...

8 Fun and Creative Baby Gift Ideas for a Newborn’s First Christmas

Not sure what to get your newborn for Christmas, or need ideas for family members who want to include your little one this year? Here are 8 baby gift ideas that you (and your...

No, I Didn’t Enjoy the Newborn Stage

Now that my son is over a year old, I'm getting the question that every mom eventually hears: when am I going to have another? Frankly, I don't know. I love being a mom. It's what I've...

When Motherhood Feels Like a Zero-Sum Game

Some days, I feel like I've done a good job as a mom. Other days, I feel like every step forward comes with another one backward. Here's to those zero-sum moments of motherhood. A "zero-sum"...

My Favorite Mom Group? The Baby Bunch at AdventHealth

Whether you're a new mom or a veteran, The Baby Bunch at AdventHealth is for you. Check out why this weekly meetup became my favorite mom group. My introduction to motherhood was a bit rocky...
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Hurricane Birth Plan: How to Prepare During Hurricane Season

Do you have a hurricane birth plan? Are you due any time from now until November 30, the official end of hurricane season? Check out these tips for creating your own hurricane birth plan...

5 Favorite Things About Central Florida (That I’ll Miss Terribly When We Leave!)

One of the benefits to life in the military is the opportunity to explore new parts of the country or world. In this case, my family was able to spend three years enjoying life...
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Turning Wedding Dresses Into Angel Gowns for Lost Babies

This afternoon, I walked into Sunshine State Angel Gowns' workshop, my treasured wedding gown in hand. I listened as the organization’s founder, Virginia Cortes, explained how my wedding dress would be taken apart and...
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Not Just for Summer Reading: Programs for Adults at Seminole County Library

Move over, summer reading: Seminole County Library offers a slew of services for adults, too. With the start to every summer, there come certain rights of passage: family trips, camps, exhausted parents, and summer reading. But this...
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Operation “New Dad”: An After-Action Report

via Christina Janel Photography   “Dadadada…” My son might chew on tables and suck on wood blocks, but surely he knows exactly who I am when he says that. Or, maybe he doesn't...but it's irrelevant. The fact...

Keep Calm and Sip On: A Guide to Tea Rooms in Orlando

Whether you’re celebrating this month’s royal wedding, looking for a unique Mother’s Day idea, or just interested in new experiences, these tea rooms in Orlando are sure to impress.
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Stop Overprotecting Kids: Free-Range Parenting and Risk Playgrounds

What the heck is free-range parenting, and why are other countries going out of their way to make their playgrounds more dangerous? Even though my last post was titled I'm a New Mom - Of...

I’m a New Mom – Of Course I Worry About Everything

I miss being pregnant with my baby boy because that was the last time that I felt absolutely confident in my ability to care for him. Pregnancy was the golden time for me. I was...

Your Friend Just Had a Baby: A Guide to Babies for the Non-Mom

Before I became a mom in September, I didn't know much about the world of motherhood or babies. I imagined it as a place where you didn't sleep for a few weeks (and then everything...
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Mom Confession: I Hate Breastfeeding

Mom confession: I hate breastfeeding, and I can't wait for the day that it's over. When my first baby was born, I didn’t cry with joy like I’d expected. Everyone else did, but I was...