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* Orlando Mom Collective
Chek Real Sugar Winn-Dixie

Bring Back a Simple Joy of Summer: Go Retro with Chek Real Sugar

Summertime in Central Florida means soaking in family barbecues and long, leisurely days at the beach. Summer is for simple joys like popsicles and bicycle rides and buckets of ice-cold soda pop. One of my...

Someone Lied To You – Parenting Does NOT Get Easier

Six months ago my husband left town for the first time after I gave birth to our second child. My Mom went back home 4 hours away and it was just me. With both...

Yep, Kids Can Have High Cholesterol, Too

Brought to you by Nemours CareConnect If your child has a cold or strep throat, it's pretty obvious to see and diagnose. But what happens if there's something going on in their little bodies that...

On Your Mark, Get Set … READ!

On June 11, the Orange County Library system launches another fantastic summer reading program with more than 1,000 events, classes, technology camps and more. From June 11 through Aug. 13, all 16 of our...
Cloth diapers

Cloth Diapers – They’re Easier to Use Than You Think

I shall preface this by saying, I never thought I’d cloth diaper my kids. I’m all for saving the environment but I’ve totally been okay with green cars and recycling. Reusing diapers over and...

All Aboard! A DIY nautical bedroom for the kids

It was no surprise that my boys took a liking to ships. Both my father and grandfather served in the U.S. Navy, so there’s a pride and heritage in the design to my boys’...

Bloom 2016 New & Expectant Mom Event :: Learn, Mingle & Make!

Orlando Moms Blog is excited to bring you Bloom 2016 New & Expectant Mom Event :: Learn, Mingle & Make! If you are currently pregnant, trying to become pregnant, adopting, want to be pregnant/adopt...

Is your preschooler ready for kindergarten?

We went straight to the source to find out what is on a teacher's checklist to determine if your preschooler is ready for kindergarten. We asked preschool and kindergarten teachers what parents can do to...
African American Books

20 Books That Feature Black Characters for Black History Month

"I have a confession," my gal pal told me. My nerves weren't ready for this. What was this gal about to admit to me? I held on to my invisible seat. "My kid doesn't have any...

Our OMB team is Our Favorite Thing!

Our Orlando Moms Blog contributors are truly the BEST! They do such an amazing job at reaching lives and making a difference here in our city through their words and hearts, that we wanted...

16 Ways You Can Do More for You In 2016

Listen up, mamas...this year I need for you to do more for yourself. Yes, I know you're looking at this post like, "She doesn't know me. She doesn't know my life." You're right, I...

Pregnancy Sucks. Yeah, I Said It.

  Pregnancy. It is truly the best of times and the worst of times for some women. Pregnancy can be downright miserable - especially if you spent it like me and had a good 4...

Dear Mama – You’re A Superhero

Dear Mama, Hey girl hey. How are you? Tired? I know, me too. Our reasons are probably similar. You had an unruly toddler or a teenager that you had to trek to and from various...

5 tips on how NOT to be a helicopter mom

Okay, look - let me preface this by saying, I'm really in NO position to be giving anyone parenting advice. Not only have I been a mother for less than 3 years, but I'm...

AS Hanging Designs System

Presentation, presentation, presentation! Today, more than ever, our society is obsessed with presentation! From the perfectly prepared dinner, or a Pinterest-worthy baby nursery, we all LOVE to show off our creations! So it's a no-brainer...