Addicted to Tidying – Confessions of a KonMarie Junkie

I have been on a cleaning binge for quite a while. Actually, it’s less a binge and more a lifestyle. I am constantly vacuuming and tidying as I go. But since discovering the KonMarie...

Hosting the Weekly Mom Meetup

Hey! New Year, New You? Maybe not. But you can still add some things to your routine that will make you feel productive and exciting without really doing a whole lot. Things like... 1. Start walking...

Schooling Through the Summer

I'm not what you might call a "structured mom". My kids wake up mostly when they want to, they play outside a lot, and their chores are inconsistent. But one thing they do all...

The Power of Parenting

It occurred to me recently the power of my parenting. These four little people who have thoughts and opinions and emotions are, generally speaking, under my power. What they wear, watch, eat, and play,...

What NOT To Say To A Stay At Home Mom

I have been a mom for over 8 years and a stay at home mom for nearly 6. Since staying home, I have gotten some really positive comments, some quite odd comments, and some...

Are You Legally Prepared for the What-Ifs?

Nobody likes to think about the what-ifs in life. What if my husband dies? What if I die? What if we both die?! What will happen to our kids? Our house? Our money? These...

The Minivan Convert

"I'm in love! I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!" These are words I never thought I'd say about a minivan. But alas, here I am, saying them. I'm a minivan convert,...

“Mommy, I’m hungry!” Why Your Kids Are Hungry But Will Never Eat!

"Mommy, I'm hungry!!!" Mealtime. The dreaded hour when your kids are hungry but will never eat! If you have a kid, you have probably heard this phrase yelled across the house a time or two....

A Look into “Baby Wise” After Three Kids

Baby Wise is a book that comes up from time to time and it almost always garners a heated discussion. Both sides of the argument feel strongly about what they believe and personal offense...

Baby-Proof Your House or House-Proof Your Baby?

When we had our oldest son over seven years ago, I was blissfully unaware of how easily babies can get into things. I like having things out on display and babies like to mess...

Do You BuJo?

I need a calendar. Like, NEED. I need dates and times and lists and I need them all written down so I can find them. For most of my life, I had some type...

Homeschooling: The Pros and The Cons

Are you disappointed in how your child is doing in school? Are you fed up with too much homework or not enough one-on-one time between student and teacher? Or maybe you just desire more...

What’s in My Handbag? A Mom’s EDC {Every Day Carry}

As a mom of three, I need to carry a lot of stuff. But I also have a hatred of diaper bags. I use them. I understand them. I have like five of them....
Clean House, Good Mom?

Are We Good Moms if Our Home is Clean?

Have you seen signs posted in your friend’s home or on social media saying, "Please Excuse The Mess, We Live Here"? Before I was a mom, I thought, WOW, what a good reminder! Little...
Art of Slow Vacuuming

The Art of Slow Vacuuming and Minimizing Allergies

After discovering my child developed itchy hives all over his body, who would have thought that slow vacuuming would help with minimizing his allergies!? About two and a half years ago, my son, who was...