How to Host a VIRTUAL Non-Halloween Pumpkin Decor Painting Party

Because of the COVID-19 cases rising, we know gathering together might not be best for all families. So we thought this non-Halloween pumpkin paint party would be perfect adapted into a VIRTUAL party! While...

Telling Your Kids the Truth About Santa

Telling Your Kids the Truth About Santa...while keeping the magic of Christmas Alive When it's time, you just know. We had the Santa talk with our son last night. You know how they say "you just know"...

Making Friends is a Verb

I recently asked a 4-year-old how she was enjoying her new school, since her family relocated here from another state. She replied, "I have 4 friends." Then she proudly added, "I made them." Holy smokes....

One Activity at a Time – Per Family

Do you know a family who is always running from activity to activity? Fast food on the go, Mom at the wheel between dance and clarinet practice while Dad is speeding from the early...

Survival Guide for Parenting the Moody, Broody Tweener

Does the back to school season find your tween stomping off, slamming doors and generally radiating angst? A friend of mine recently reached out from deep in those trenches to ask for help. I...

2Infinity Goes Way Beyond Trampolines

When I mention a trampoline park, what do you envision? A relatively flat space, with a bunch of trampoline squares, maybe a few slanted ones around the walls, right? Me, too, until we stepped...

GIVEAWAY Unique Father’s Day Gifts for that One-in-a-Million Dad

Too often I scramble for a Father's Day gift that can make it to my door in the nick of time with 2 day shipping. You, too? This year, I challenge you and me...

Whole Family Sleepovers with Local Friends

Sleepovers can be a polarizing issue. Some are OK with them, others say never. Let me present a third option: The family sleepover. Before you give me that face, think for a minute about a road trip...

The “ONE” thing we can control

Control what you can. It's good advice in almost any situation, particularly the one we collectively find ourselves in. While others are debating #guncontrol, I've decided to advocate for #ONEcontrol. None of us can...

Instant Pot Crash Course

So you got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Now what?! Other than the “water test”, where do you start, right? (And if you don’t know what the water test is, then you aren’t the...
I Need Our Friendship to Sparkle

I Need Our Friendship to Sparkle

I've always got a cause. In every season, I'm up to something, going through something, or fired up about something. It would be both foolish and selfish of me to ask my friends to...

Monster Jam 2017, Coming to Orlando!

Noisy trucks tearing themselves to pieces aren't just for little boys. There is something about vehicular carnage that will tear even a teenager's eyes off a phone screen - boys and girls alike. This...

The Boy Who Stops Breathing. Every Night.

Can your baby breathe all through the night? Can he nap without life support? Does her little body do the involuntary things necessary to survive sleep? I pray that it’s so for you. It’s not...

Survival Tips for Your High School Reunion

As my husband and I recently attended our respective 20 year high school reunions, I realized these events are life's bug zappers and we are but mere moths. We don't really want to go, but we are...

Why You Need A Personal Protection Pack

I'm what you might call a "nervous Nelly". I'm pretty much convinced that there is a bad guy around every corner, that nefarious characters are all around me and that most people could solemnly...

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