Family: Dad, Mom, Baby Girl and a dog named Gator.


Education: B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Florida. Yes, I do bleed orange and blue!!


Mom Acronym: WAHM (work at home mom)


Your Perfect Day: Staring at a sun-filled blue sky while lying on New Smyrna Beach and jumping ocean waves with my daughter.


Can’t Live Without: My "crackberry" BlackBerry phone -- yes, I'm a Blackberry loyalist (for now anyway).


Favorite Pregnancy/Labor & Delivery/Parenting Tip: This one applies to all: JUST BREATHE!

It might seem crazy, what I’m about to say…

We appear to be in the midst of a “happiness” movement. You’ve probably heard this song by Pharrell a time or 200, or maybe “If You’re Happy and You Know It” is more your...

Anticipation Is Makin’ Life Great

A few of my closest friends are currently pregnant with their first child (YAY!) and one recently asked me what I love most about being a mom. This is my answer… Take a moment to...

{Giveaway} Spring Breakin’ on the Beach Getaway

In my opinion, there’s no better place to spend spring break with friends and family than on the beach! In fact, I’ll be dipping my babe's tiny toes in our favorite slice of the...

Feelin’ the Love for Valentine’s Day Crafts!

Since assuming the role of “mom,” I’ve discovered that parenthood is really just a series of life lessons delivered via a tiny vessel known as “child.” And this week, I learned a few more...

{Giveaway} Experience the Downtown Food & Wine Fest!

Food, wine and live entertainment all at one place in downtown Orlando?! Yes please! You’ll find all of that and more during the sixth annual Downtown Food & Wine Fest at Lake Eola. Featuring mouth-watering dishes...

The Bonus Gift of Motherhood

“I was the first person she saw when she came out.” This is how my husband, with a twinkle in his eye and a child-like grin, recounts the birth of our daughter. And, despite the...

{Sponsored Post} Win $250 from Mueller’s Pasta and Enjoy a Delicious, Healthy Meal!

These days, the foods I choose and the meals I cook are often designed for function more than flavor. As a WAHM with an active 13 month old who’s discovering the joys of eating,...


Unconventional is the word I often use to describe my fertility and pregnancy journey. Having been told on more than one occasion that I would never conceive naturally, I was quite surprised when eight...

{Giveaway} PIONEER WOMAN COOKS + Holiday Baking Basket

Holidays and comfort food go hand-in-hand and no one captures the flavor of the seasons better than fellow blogger Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman! Elisabeth and I discovered PW (as she is lovingly called by...

ME is not a four-letter word!

On Sunday, July 28, 2013 I hopped on a plane to Washington, DC. Not because I was traveling for work or participating in a political rally, I flew those 850+ miles to attend a...

Body By Baby

Picture it: you’re four weeks postpartum and standing in the grocery store checkout line when you break out in a cold sweat as you stare at the tabloid magazines – they seem to be...

Community Spotlight: Champion of Choices Empowers Students to Stand Up Against Bullying

Orlando Moms Blog is committed to supporting our community by spotlighting local organizations making a positive impact in our region and beyond. Today, in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, we introduce you to...

Kid Free Friends: Please don’t lose my number!!

Remember those days when you were “child free” and life was just, different (carefree some might say)?! I can distinctly recall the day when the first couple in my and my husband’s circle of...