Back-to-Virtual-School Home Organization


Summer has flown by and now it’s time to return to the land of rules and routines. This transition doesn’t have to be fraught with despair if you take advantage of these easy organizational tips brought to you by the teachers and staff at Orange County Virtual School. Make starting the new school year a whole lot easier!


  • Get plenty of rest and start going to bed earlier the week before school starts. Practice waking up to an alarm for those who need it. Students who get enough sleep have fresher minds for retaining information and focusing throughout the day.


  • Dust off and clear out a designated learning station. Starting the year with a clean slate will keep the focus on the tasks at hand. Make sure the daily schedule is pinned up along with motivational reminders. Gather or purchase school supplies ahead of time so there is no mad rush to the store with all the other last-minute shoppers.
  • File away last year’s papers and projects. Label some standing magazine folders and keep only what is pertinent from last year. Store it away from the current workspace to ensure clutter-free dedication.


  • Plan meals in advance. A break for lunch will go a lot more smoothly if there is no extra time taken deciding what to eat. Stick to eating at the same time every day and prepare and organize items ahead of time. Snack breaks should be planned out as well.


  • Take care of doctor and dentist appointments before school starts. Even in a flexible environment, keeping a strict learning schedule will encourage routine and focus. Trips to the doctor in the middle of the school day can easily get students off track.


Make the most of the time dedicated to learning and studying. By staying organized, following the daily routine can be a breeze.


Orange County Virtual School is a full-time virtual school for grades K-5.  This flexible program, through the Orange County school district, offers the world-renowned Calvert Education curriculum.  Contact us at (407) 317-3327 to learn more about our program and see how this might be a great alternative for your child and family!


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