Stop the Mom Shaming: Be a Buoy


Stop the Mom Shaming

I recently observed a mom tearing down another mom, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t the first time. Whenever I see this happening, I am always left wondering WHY? Why tear each other down? Ladies, what are we really gaining when this happens? This particular time I felt the need to take a stand, to be a buoy, to say ENOUGH! Stop the Mom Shaming!Stop the Mom Shaming: Be a Buoy 

We are all working hard to be the best that we can be, and that deserves praise and celebration.

Motherhood is hard, it’s messy, it’s grueling and relentless, yet it is the most wonderful experience all at the same time. When I see someone being bitten for their own personal motherhood practices, it hurts. I also realize, that I am sure I have been there on both sides, we all have. I suspect it’s mostly done to make ourselves feel better. But in the end, does it really make anyone feel better?

None of us (including yours truly) are perfect, and that’s okay! As long as our children are safe, healthy, and happy then we are doing a fantastic job, regardless of what others think.

Momma it’s great to do motherhood your way and the way that works best for your family. Diversity is critical to society and motherhood! It’s how new ideas come about, it’s what allows us conversation and connectivity. What we do with the element of diversity is up to us, but I firmly believe it should be celebrated! We may do things differently from each other, but that doesn’t mean either is wrong, it just means it’s right for us and ours. Continue doing you, because you are amazing!

How can we be a buoy?

I have found that when I participate in a random act of kindness or offer a compliment, especially to my motherhood sisters, I feel better. I suspect she feels better too, which is my ultimate goal.

Enough is Enough

I am making a commitment to stop the mom-shaming now. I refuse to be an active participant in any ridicule (intentional or not) and I refuse to let anyone tear me or anyone else down. Will you join me? I hope you do because I believe in you and all our motherhood sisters. I believe we have the power to light this world with love and kindness with each other.

Motherhood is powerful, let’s use our power for good.



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