Become the popular house on the block this Halloween!


Originally posted October 23, 2014.
Updated October 2020

Now that the trick-or-treat season is upon us, I must confess. I can’t wait for the snack-size Snickers and Tootsie Rolls. I mean, I know you can get them year round in the candy aisle at the grocery store, but there’s something about having this one-time pass to splurge a little with the chocolate goodness!


When I was a kid, I was an expert trick-or-treater. I knew which neighborhoods to target, and which ones to avoid. Sometimes there might even be squeals of excitement (or insider secret-sharing with BFF’s only) about “the house at the end of the street that is giving out full size candy bars!”

Last year, our house became “that house”… aka the popular house on the block. The house that others would come up to and say, “We heard about you guys!” My husband and I decided to set up a comfy sitting area in the driveway accompanied by the usual candy bucket (filled of course with MY favorite chocolates!), but instead of the kids excitedly talking about full-size candy bars, it was the adults talking about the beverage station.

I remember when my kids were younger, the one thing that would bring our trick-or-treating to a halt was the Florida heat and the dehydration of the kids under their layers of costumes. So including a drink station was a perfect solution for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters!

halloween-main halloween-water

beverages for the kids…


and beverages for the adults!

Needless to say, the popular house message spread around the neighborhood, and we became known as the house with the drinks!

So how about you? Will you be doing a drink station this year? And apart from the kids’ drinks, what would you consider to be the best “adult” drinks to offer? (Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook!)



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