Benefits of Adult Day Care for Your Senior Parent


At a certain point, many adult children become the primary caregiver for their senior parents. While this style of in-home care has its benefits, it can create a lot of pressure for caregivers, along with not offering seniors a range of activities that they would be able to enjoy in a retirement home.

While most families prefer to have their senior parents live with them rather than move to a senior facility, there are some benefits to allowing your parents to enjoy outside activities. Senior adult daycare centers are a great alternative to assisted living that gives seniors a social outlet and caregivers a bit of a break.

Not everyone that has a senior parent living with them has the ability to be around every day. On the days where your  work schedule is full, taking your aging parent to an Adult Day Care center like the beautiful facilities at Longhouse will ensure that they are well taken care of, able to participate in healing activities, and meet with friends. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of Adult Day Care for your senior parent.


Adult daycare gives seniors the chance to get out of the house and into an enjoyable and safe environment on their own. One of the most important things to many seniors is being able to maintain a sense of independence. When relying on an adult child for most things, it is a relief and privilege to be able to get out on their own. Seniors can enjoy activities, socialization, and be in control of their day when they attend Adult Day Care. 

Reduced Falls

One of the most prevalent injuries in seniors is as a result of a fall. Leaving your senior parent alone during the day can be dangerous and cause caregivers a lot of stress. When your senior parent attends Adult Day Care, you can be assured that they are well looked after all day. Seniors will participate in many healing exercises that help them to work on their balance, core strength, and circulatory system. Each Adult Day Care center hosts several therapeutic activities that can help your senior parent to stay in shape in a fun and entertaining way.


Many seniors suffer from anxiety and depression brought on by a lack of socialization. Loneliness is a real problem in the senior community. Adult Day Care is an excellent option if you cannot spend as much time with your aging parents as you would like, or they can’t get out and visit with their friends. Your senior parents can spend their day socializing with new and old friends. Adult Day Care offers a wide range of activities that can be enjoyed in groups to help sharpen the mind and create lasting friendships.

Get A Break

Caring for a senior parent can be very stressful and cause problems in the relationship. The strain of the inevitable role reversal can be tough for families to navigate. Adult Day Care provides both parent and adult child a needed break from each other.

If you are caring for a senior parent and are looking for a way to expand their care, consider sending them to an Adult Day Care center where they can enjoy socializing with friends and participating in therapeutic healing activities. 


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