New Smyrna Beach gets a bad rap as the “shark capital” of the world, BUT we love it because the beach is gorgeous, and they have such good food!! We compiled a list of what we think are the best restaurants in New Smynra Beach!


New Smyrna Beach, a cozy coastal community located one hour east of downtown Orlando, is an eclectic mix of old and new; of subtle sophistication and bohemian soul. So, it makes sense that the food scene in NSB is anything but boring and in fact reaching new heights as a “foodie” destination.

So, when you are visiting, skip the touristy places and try these great restaurants in New Smynra instead:

City Market Bistro – I’m starting with this one because it is my personal favorite. Located on Canal Street and operated by Chef Scott Krause, the   ambience is so homey, the wine list is amazing, and the simple, traditional  scratch-made dinners  are truly the best in town. And while grownups may appreciate the food, kids will also appreciate the tables lined with butcher paper and free crayons – creating wing artwork on the tables is encouraged!!

Avanu – The newest addition to the beachside scene, Avanu offers rooftop views of the ocean, live music and great continental cuisine and seafood. Great place to see and be seen. The kids can watch the chef prepare the Oysters Rockefeller through the kitchen window, and then look over the terrace over the ocean- on the right day it would be a great location to see a rocket launch!

La Terazza – If you are tired of fast food Mexican and are craving some fresh, authentic and delicious to go down smooth with a nice want a strong Margarita, then this is the place. My kids love the fresh guacamole.

Wake Up Café – Not many restaurants anywhere combine Argentinean panache, Spanish exoticism and good down-home breakfast food in one place but somehow this place does it all. And seriously, the best coffee in town. Do not miss the Waffles Alfajores or the Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit.

Yellow Dog Eats – All beach towns need somewhere quick and easy and Yellow Dog Eats fills the bill with its tasty tacos, tangy pulled pork and sandwiches that are stylish, tasty and different. For example, the  What the Fig? features pulled pork and is topped  with fried onions, bacon, and goat cheese, then drizzled with homemade jalapeno-fig sauce served on ciabatta bread. If heaven made a sandwich, this would be it.

Cafe del Soul A divine addition to the scene that offers tasty goodness for the healthy and health conscious. Originally based in Marin, California, this delightful eatery takes salads, wraps and bowls to the next level. And since Café del Soul is conveniently located between a yoga studio and an art gallery, that means you can spend a whole afternoon over here with the whole experience leaving you fully nourished.

J.B.’s Fish Camp, at 859 Pompano Ave., is a rustic, indoor-outdoor riverfront shanty overlooking Mosquito Lagoon that offers clams grown on site, steamed blue crabs and fried shrimp. It also rents kayaks, paddleboards and fishing poles, and will cook your catch.

Coming Soon: JIMMY HULA’s , which will be an amazing fit  for the town as it will tap into the town’s surfer subculture. Also Little Griddle, which will update the classic drug store  soda fountain that was located on the same site for over 100 years. And who knows what else is next? Just make sure that you add New Smyrna Beach to your list of foodie destinations and keep a close eye out!

And while you are in town, definitely think about getting a family photo session to capture the good times and special memories. You’ll be glad you did!

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